AirVac Air-Driven Turbo PowerHeads

AirVac Air-Driven Turbo PowerHeads


AirVac Central Vacuum System Turbo Powerheads

What is the difference between an electric powerhead and a turbo powerhead?

Turbo (Air-Driven) Powerhead

AirVac LogoA turbo or turbine powerhead harnesses the airflow of a central vacuum system. Unlike electric powerheads, turbo/turbine powerheads do not require electricity, batteries, cords, or a motor to operate. Instead, it uses the suction power of the central vacuum to turn the brush roller. These powerheads are used in homes with carpets and are easy to use and maneuver under and around furniture. They provide deep cleaning action on all types of carpeting without having to rely on electricity. But keep in mind with a turbo powerhead you can not stop the brush roller in the same way you can with an electric powerhead. Turbo central vacuum powerheads can be used with low voltage hoses. So be sure to check the style of hose you have before choosing a powerhead.

Electric Powerheads

Electric central vacuum powerheads use their own motor to operate and are used with electric hoses that allow the user to control the motor from a switch located on the handle of an electric central vacuum hose. With this feature, you can turn the brush roller on/off to clean both carpets and bare flooring. When cleaning bare floors simply flip the switch and turn off the brush roller. When cleaning carpets turn the brush roller on. The brush roller on electric powerheads spin at a much faster speed that results in a more efficient clean. They also offer superior edge cleaning ability that can easily clean the edges of carpets and bare floors close to the baseboards. Some other things you will also want to consider when choosing a central vacuum powerhead for your AirVac central vac is the ability to adjust the height of the brush roller. If you have high pile carpeting and are not able to adjust the height the powerhead can become hard to push and not clean as well. The most popular powerhead is one with a floating brush roller that automatically adjusts to the height of the surface that is being cleaned. Other powerheads have manual height adjustment that is manually set for the surface to be cleaned.

If you need assistance finding the right powerhead for your AirVac central vacuum, please call us at 1-800-322-2965 and one of our AirVac central vacuum specialists will be happy to assist you.

Air-Driven Powerheads for  Central Vacuum Systems
Handheld Turbo Powerheads for   Central Vacuum Systems

Learn more about the benefits of Air-Driven Turbo Powerheads For   Central Vacs

air driven powerhead nozzle turbine

Air-driven powerheads for   central vacuums are easy to use and tough on dirt. A high-speed turbine fan rotates which generates the superior suction needed for deep cleaning. Stiff yet pliable Brush Roller bristles do an excellent job agitating dirt, sand and other debris embedded within the carpet. This brings everything to the surface which is sucked up by the powerful air intake port.

turbo powerheads use under furnitureAir Driven Power Heads for a   built-in vacuum is designed for the way people clean. Compared to heavier bulky Electric Power Heads, air-driven powerheads are lighter in weight, more responsive, and exceptionally maneuverable. The low-profile makes vacuuming with your   in-home vacuum simple and is easy to push around furniture, get under the bed, coffee table, chairs, or other hard to reach places.

In fact, because Air Driven Power Heads don't use the electricity they save you money. And unlike electric nozzles, you will never have to replace a motor. This Green Technology not only promotes healthy living but is a smart choice for the environment as well.

wind powered nozzlesAir Driven Power Heads are mainly used for low to medium pile carpeting and area rugs. The wide cleaning path allows you to get the job done in less time. Air Driven Power Heads, when combined with a VacuBumper™, will protect your furniture, baseboards, and walls. This protective cloth bumper covers all abrasive areas on the air-driven powerhead. Don't forget to order yours today.

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*The TurboCat Pro's warranty is exclusive to customers who purchase the TurboCat Pro. Limited Lifetime Warranty excludes wearable parts such as brush rollers and belts. Maintenance and repairs of any other components cover under this exclusive warranty because we believe in the integrity of the product. Shipping and handling charges to and from our facility for service or repairs are the consumer's responsibility. Simple as that!