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Power Units

DustCare Central Vacuum Systems

Looking to upgrade or replace your   Central Vacuum System?

Here are some common questions many consumers have that we have decided to answer to help you in making your shopping experience easier.

  • Question: I currently have a   brand central vacuum; do I need to stay with this brand?
  • Answer: Absolutely Not! Your   central vacuum system can be replaced with any brand or manufacturer. Many newer systems may offer higher levels of filtration and better quality components sometimes at a more reasonable price. This allows for you to make a decision based upon features you as a consumer are looking for such as more suction power (air-watts), quality, warranty and materials used in each vacuum build. Here is a listing of a few quality central vacuum manufacturers we recommend based on these elements:

  • Question: When I replace my   central vacuum system do I need to change anything in my home; like my attachments or inlets?
  • Answer: Everything in your home stays exactly the same. You will not need to change any inlet valves or attachments. You are simply hanging a new in-home central vacuum system up and connecting it to your intake line. If you have any questions please call our friendly and knowledgeable staff at 1.800.322.2965

  • Question: Is it easy to install a replacement Central Vacuum?
  • Answer: Yes! You simply would unplug your   vacuum from the power supply; disconnect your low voltage wires from your existing   unit, remove your pipe from the intake and lift the old   unit off its mounting bracket. Your new central vacuum will come with its own bracket that you would secure to the wall. You then mount the unit onto the bracket, reconnect your intake line then connect your low voltage wires. Once this is done plug in your new vacuum and that’s it you’re done. It typically takes about 15-20 mins to hang the new unit and will save you from an unwanted expense of having to hire an installer or handy-man. Bottom line it should be that easy!

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