Pullman-Holt Central Vacuums, Parts, & Accessories

Pullman Holt Central Vacuum SystemPullman-Holt is no longer in the central vacuum industry but we at ThinkVacuums sell a selection of replacement parts, accessories, and attachments for Pullman-Holt central vacuum systems. If you are looking to upgrade your Pullman-Holt central vacuum and want something more powerful, quieter, and longer lasting please don't hesitate to call us.

Can I Upgrade My Pullman-Holt Central Vacuum Or Replace My Power Unit?

Absolutely! At ThinkVacuums.com we carry a large selection of replacement parts, hoses, and motors that will work with your existing Pullman-Holt power unit. If you prefer to upgrade your power unit, we will be happy to give you a recommendation based on your home size and cleaning preferences. 



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Pullman-Holt central vacuums are no longer in production. However, we offer a full line of accessories and replacement parts for your Pullman-Holt central vacuum system.

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