ProTeam Backpack Vacuums

ProTeam Backpack Vacuums

ProTeam Commercial Backpack Vacuums

ProTeam Commercial Backpack Vacuum

ProTeam Commercial Backpack VacuumThe ProTeam brand appeared on the market in 1987 and has built a name for itself under the slogan “Cleaning for Health” ever since. Trying to bring their own contribution and their own innovations to the market, the ProTeam designers and engineers have launched a number of collections which proves their professionalism and vision of the vacuuming industry. The collection of ProTeam vacuums is only one of the initiatives taken by this manufacturer.

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    • Four Level HEPA Filtration System

    • 50 ft Extension Cord For Greater Cleaning Radius

    • Choice Of Restaurant Tool Kit or Electric Tool Kit

    • Ideal For Use In Hospitality or Food Service 

    Vacuuming can be quite problematic in the hospitality and food service industry because the demands are much h... Learn More

    As low as $514.50

    • Four-Level HEPA Filtration System
    • Extra Long 50 ft Extension Cord
    • Includes electric Power Nozzle
    • 6 Quart Dirt Capacity

    Vacuuming poses unique challenges in the hospitality and food service sector due to elevated cleanliness stand... Learn More

    • Four Level HEPA Filtration 

    • 50ft Power Cord For Greater Cleaning Radius

    • Integrated Tool Belt

    • Ultra Lightweight / Adjustable Shoulder Straps

    ProTeam has done it once again. When controlled environments need clean air, such as computer labs and hospita... Learn More

    • Designed To Fit The ProTeam Sierra Backpack Vacuum 

    • Ideal For Use In Restaurants, Hotels, & Commercial Applications

    The ProTeam 103224 Commercial Power Nozzle Kit fits the Sierra backpack vacuum. Ideal for restaurants, hotels ... Learn More

    • Designed For Use In Restaurants and Other Commercial Applications 

    • Fits ProTeam FS6 Backpack Commercial Vacuum 

    Designed specifically for the restaurant industry and use with the ProTeam FS6 Backpack Vacuum. This tool kit ... Learn More

  1. The ProTeam MegaVac Backpack Vacuum powers through the toughest industrial and construction clean up jobs. It features a powerful motor and a 10-quart filter capacity, the Megavac Backpack Vacuum provides superior efficiency and unsurpassed performance. This kit comes complete wi... Learn More

  2. Power through the toughest industrial and construction clean up jobs with the MegaVac Multi-Surface Tool Kit. This kit comes complete with Xover Performance Floor Tool, Crevice Tool, Soft Dusting Brush, a Blower Tool, and a Two-Piece Aluminum Wand. With the floor tool, you can ef... Learn More

    • The ProTeam LineVacer ULPA Backpack Vacuum has been discontinued. Click here for the alternative model LineVacer HEPA Backpack Vacuum.

    ProTeam has done it once again. When controlled environments need clean air, such as computer labs and hospita... Learn More

    • The ProTeam Sierra Backpack Vacuum has been discontinued. Click Here for the alternative model ProVac FS6 Back Vacuum.

    Anyone interested in high quality cleaning can now rest assured because ProTeam paves the way for powerful bac... Learn More

    • The ProTeam Everest Backpack Vacuum has been discontinued. Click here for the alternative model ProVac FS6 Backpack Vacuum.

    In the ProTeam Everest Backpack Vacuum you get it all, power, strength, and the ruggedness to complete any res... Learn More

  3. Designed exclusively for the transportation industry, the ProTeam AviationVac Backpack utilizes the same 400 Hz power system used on transportation vehicles without the need for bulky adapters. This commercial backpack vacuum comes with the Aviation 1.25" Tool Kit. The lightweigh... Learn More

ProTeam Vacuums Offer Innovation and Durability

ProTeam Commercial Backpack VacuumAccording to the statistics, the time savings that can be achieved by using the ProTeam commercial backpack vacuums instead of the upright or canister models reach an incredible threshold of 69% whereas the financial ones reach 29,500 dollars. The studies were conducted on an average cleaning surface of 180,000 square feet. According to the National Franchised Cleaning Companies, the vacuum cleaners made by ProTeam allow one to save ten to fifteen minutes per cleaning task. Apart from these time and financial savings, the use of backpack vacuum cleaners made by ProTeam is also associated with repair costs 90% lower than with other similar products.

ProTeam Commercial Backpack VacuumAnother study conducted on the ProTeam backpack vacuums shows that the overall efficiency ratio of these appliances is 79% higher than usual thanks to the better suction and higher airflow. The filtration systems mounted on a vacuum cleaner have a great impact on the user’s health. ProTeam found a source of inspiration in this scientific fact and chose to manufacture their products under the “Cleaning for Health” slogan. They also introduced the four-level filtration system which eradicates more than 99.9% of the particles larger than 0.3 microns in the air, thus making daily dusting unnecessary. The cleaning performance is improved even further by the detail tools supplied with these already highly convenient appliances.

ProTeam Commercial Backpack Vacuums

All the backpack vacuums in the ProTeam collection have a set of very appealing features. They all share a high level of versatility, being able to clean hard floors and carpets alike and provide excellent results in stair cleaning and dusting as well. They also share their high power and great performance, removing larger quantities of dust and dirt than other vacuum cleaners. The ProTeam backpack collection is divided into two categories, some of the appliances having a dusting capacity of 6 quarts while others can collect up to 10 quarts of dirt. The ergonomic and lightweight design of these vacuum cleaners is another major benefit which is bound to satisfy users from all categories. Finally, all these vacuum cleaners are warranted for three years when it comes to their parts, motors, and labor and for life when it comes to the actual vacuum bodies.

All certified by relevant authorities, the ProTeam backpack vacuums are designed to maximize the productivity and satisfaction levels. They are designed to exceed the performance of other backpack vacuum cleaners and provide the healthiest cleaning vacuum cleaners can provide. All in all, they are a perfect match for all kinds of environments and users.