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Vacuum Bags do an excellent job of holding months of vacuumed dirt and other unwanted hair and debris for later disposal in an easy to manage container. We sell branded vacuum bags & replacement bags for your central vacuum system. Shop Bags by Manufacturer including PurVac, DuoVac, DrainVac, Cana-Vac, AirVac, NuTone, and more. If you are unsure which bag will work best for your system, call us today at 800.322.2965. We're here and more than happy to help!

We carry a large abundance of vacuum bags for 99.9% of all manufacturers. With such a wide variety of vacuum bags, you can search by manufacturer or model of your vacuum system. If you are unable to locate a particular replacement vacuum bag for your vacuum, we can personally assist you with locating what you are looking for or a comparable replacement.

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"Why Do I Need Vacuum Bags?"

A proper vacuum bag (and filter in central vacuums) can prevent you from having to handle everything you've vacuumed over the past months. With a vacuum bag and vacuum filter in your system, the incoming suction carries dirt, dust, and debris from all vacuumed surfaces... including the air around you. Dirt is then separated from the air with a paper or cloth central vacuum bag and exhausted through your filter. By allowing the combination of your vacuum bag and filter to clean the indoor air and capture debris at the same time, it not only increases the life of your motor but, releases relatively cleaner air. Typically, a bagged system is the cleanest and hygienic way to vacuum.