Airvac AVR 7500

Airvac AVR 7500

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Introducing the AirVac AVR7500 Central Vac System – the powerhouse that transforms home cleaning. With an impressive 551 Air Watts, robust 118 CFM, and exceptional 131 Waterlift, the AVR7500 tackles dust and debris efficiently. For large homes up to 7,500 square feet, the AirVac AVR7500 processes a vast 6-gallon dirt capacity, eliminating constant bin emptying. Experience the liberation of bagless vacuuming, with no recurring bag purchases. The unit's intake and exhaust ports enable easy installation and space efficiency. Monitor cleaning with the intuitive power indicator light. The AirVac AVR7500 offers seamless installation and effortless servicing. Upgrade to the ultimate in-home cleaning system and embrace power, precision, and ease with every sweep. Click Here for more Airvac Central Vacuum Models.

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Discover Unmatched Cleanliness: The AirVac AVR7500 Series

Unveil the pinnacle of home cleaning technology with the Serenity Series AirVac AVR7500 Central Vacuum System. This isn't just another appliance; it's a powerhouse designed for pristine cleanliness, redefining the breathing space of your home. Are you ready to transcend traditional vacuuming and embrace the future of household hygiene?

The AirVac AVR7500 boasts a commanding 551 air watts of suction power and a staggering 118 CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) that outshines most in its league. With waterlift capabilities reaching up to 131 inches, no dirt, dust, or allergens stand a chance, ensuring that even the deepest-seated filth is effortlessly purged from your living space.

It's not just the brawn, but the broad reach and adaptability that set the AVR7500 apart. Catering to homes sprawling up to 7,500 square feet, this system is built for performance, making light work of what was once a labor-intensive task. No spot is too distant or inconvenient, thanks to the cleverly placed left and right intake and exhaust ports that allow for flexible, and uniform, cleaning.

Beam Central VacuumsBut power and range are meaningless without efficiency and convenience. The AVR7500 is a bagless wonder, ensuring you never have to worry about stocking up on vacuum bags again – a budget-savvy and eco-friendly feature that modern households crave. It's motor status and a bag full of indicators keep you informed, while the inverted filter technology maintains peak performance and keeps your air quality pristine.

Product innovation meets user experience with the visual interface, guiding you through operation effortlessly, and the simplified design that reduces storage space and makes life easier. A blend of robust engineering and user-centric design yields an appliance that's equally bold and intuitive – the epitome of efficient home care.

Join the legion of satisfied homeowners who've elevated their cleaning game. Feel the freedom of an uninterrupted clean with the AVR7500's mammoth 6-gallon dirt capacity, designed for the largest homes with the busiest families. Stop and start not with tidying up, but with enjoying the serenity of an impeccably clean-living space, every single day.

We understand that investing in a home sanitization system carries great expectations. That's why the AirVac AVR7500 comes with a reassuring 5-year warranty, reflecting our confidence in its durability and your peace of mind. It's not just a purchase; it's a partnership in your pursuit of the pristine.

The call to action is clear – it's time to upgrade your home maintenance regime with the Serenity Series AirVac AVR7500 Central Vacuum System. Experience the transformation. Seamless, powerful, and sustainable – this is the future of cleaning, and it's within your grasp. Take the first step towards a cleaner, healthier home today.

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