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ACV Central Vacuum

Here at ThinkVacuums, we carry a variety of compatible parts and accessories for your ACV Central Vacuum System including motors, inlets, hoses, attachment kits, and more. Is your ACV Central Vacuum System not running as it should? Looking to replacing your ACV unit? Check out our Central Vacuum Recommendations page or Click Here.

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About ACV Central Vacuums

Since 1974, ACV has provided outstanding customer service with the best central vacuum systems in the market today. This dedication led to the introduction of the ACV line of central vacuum systems. They have combined the highest quality components with advanced technology that results in a central vacuum system that has become an industry standard.

Why Choose a Central Vacuum System?

Eliminates Dust Mites, Mold, and Other Particles – A central vacuum system ensures optimum indoor air quality which is ideal for those who suffer from asthma and allergies. Central vacuum systems remove 100% of all dust, dirt, and other microscopic particles from your home. You can be confident that your home will be cleaner, and the air will be cleaner with a central vacuum unit.



Whether you have a condo, a 2-story home, or an RV, there are many different central vacuums in the market today to meet your cleaning needs. Central vacuums can be added to homes that are being built and installed in existing homes that are not already ‘roughed in’. With proper planning, the required tubing can be added throughout the walls. A central vacuum system can be installed in a basement or garage.

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