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The hose is the part of a vacuum cleaner exposed to the highest risks when vacuuming for it is pulled around, stretched, stepped on and bent countless times throughout a vacuuming job. Therefore, it is essential to equip your   vacuum cleaner with a durable and shock resistant hose made of a high quality material. The replacement hoses for   all meet this requirement. Moreover, they come with two-year warranties which prove that they are worthwhile investments.

Electric Hoses For   Central Vacuums

  Electric central vacuum hoses were developed with a series of both low-voltage and high-voltage wires integrated throughout the hose. The low-voltage wire is to conduct a signal from the hose to the   central vacuum system, turning the central vacuum on or off. The 110v, high-voltage wire is supplied to the hose via a pigtail cord or direct connect application on the wall end of the hose and provides electricity to the electric carpet attachments, otherwise known as a powerhead, power nozzle, or electric beater bar. At the handle of the hose is a three-way, rocker switch allowing you complete control of the functions of both the central vacuum and the power nozzle right at your finger tips!

Low Voltage Hoses For   Central Vacuums

A low-voltage   central vacuum hose is a hose that consists of a thin series of low-voltage wiring allowing total control of the   central vacuum. Once the end of the hose is inserted into the wall inlet, a metal band completes the circuit for a low voltage connection and allows you to turn the   power unit on or off from the hose handle switch.   Low-voltage central vacuum hoses are equipped with a two-position rocker switch, conveniently located at the handle of the hose, so you can manually turn your central vacuum system on or off via the switch on the handle. These hoses are normally designed with a 360 degree swivel allowing maximum performance, eliminating wrist strain and fatigue, stops kinking and increases hose life.

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Choosing a Hose for your   central vacuum system is easy. Click the Central Vacuum Hose Diagram to find out if you require "Direct Connect" or a"Pigtail Connection". If you need additional assistance selecting the right Vacuum Hose for your   built in vacuum system, either, click to learn more about Central Vacuum Hose Types or simply call an expert today at 1.800.322.2965.

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