Eureka Vacuum Hoses

Eureka Vacuum Hoses

Hoses For Eureka Household Vacuums

Eureka, your reliable cleaning partner, pledges to always provide you with high-performance vacuums of quality and value you can count on. Need more help finding a hose for your upright, canister, stick or hand vacuum, our experts are willing to assist you by chat, email, or by phone at 1-800-322-2965.


How to find the correct replacement hose your Eureka Vacuum?

Step 1 - Find the Silver plate on the bottom or back or your vacuum

Step 2 - Select your Model: SC5713-B, SC5745-A, SC5815-B, SC5845-B, SP5816-A, SC3670, SC3672, SC3673, SC3674, SC3676, SC3682 

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  1. This hose is a direct replacement extendable 3 to 1 stretch hose for Sanitaire models SC5713-B, SC5745-A, SC5815-B, SC5845-B, and the SP5816-A. Part #618654. Learn More

  2. The Eureka/Sanitaire Hose Assembly fits the following MightyMite Canister models: SC3670, SC3672, SC3673, SC3674, SC3676, SC3682 and the Eureka MightyMite 3670G. This genuine Sanitaire/Eureka replacement Assembly comes complete with the hose, the handle along with the coupling t... Learn More