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816 Airwatts
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We feature replacement parts for all the top Central Vacuum Brands available. We feature Central Vacuum Units, Bags, and Filters. We also have Attachment Kits, Tools, and Accessories. There is a large selection of Central Vacuum Hoses, Carpet Nozzles, and Installation Kits. Our selection of Wall Inlets and Garage Kits is very extensive. Don't forget to include a Hose Sock w/ your order to prevent tangles & protect furniture from damage. Vacpan Kits for Central Vacuum Units are available here.

central vacuum systems reviewsWe at give our customer's many central vacuums to choose from as well as offer central vacuum system reviews. With a mega selection, we can get you the best vacuum to fit your needs and budget. We give our customers a complete selection of the available brands and let you choose what you want. We will never try to persuade our customers to buy our own brand name or private label (we don't have one) like some online dealers. Choose from a builders grade budget or a top of the line vacuum based on your needs, whether it be power, warranty, service, noise, etc. With a network of builders throughout the country, and with thousands of hours and years of research, we are able to keep the builders and public up to date on the latest and greatest in the central vacuum field so you can make a wise decision.

We have 98% of all central vacuum companies listed on the most accurate comprehensive website and comparison chart for the best central vacuum reviews. With our central vacuum comparison chart, it makes it easy to make a valid choice. These charts are based on the most important features of a central vacuum; power, warranty, quietness, service records, and filtration. We give our customers the largest selection on the Internet as well as all the specifications on all the brands available so that you the people can make a wise decision on what they want based on their budget. We at only do business with real companies and when these companies cannot educate the public on their products... we can. If you don't find a name of a vacuum company on our central vacuum chart, then that company probably doesn't exist or is known as a private label. Check out our hot sellers for 2021!

We are well admired and well respected in the central vacuum industry as a professional company. And not only are we here to help you choose the right vacuum for your needs, but we also give excellent customer service long after the sale.


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Service, Service, Service is The Name of The Game is dedicated to customer service long after the sale is made. Our highly trained staff of technicians and customer service representatives are always here to answer your questions. We take pride in satisfying each and every customer. We do not work out of a garage and have been in business since 1957. We are the second generation, a family owned and operated business. We always have central vacuum consultants available to take your calls, or you may even speak to the owner himself. Also, our trained technicians are always ready to grab a phone and help a customer in need. We have always sent our customers an annual newsletter keeping them up to date on the latest products and trends on the market. This newsletter also contains coupons and discounted promotional items.

We have enjoyed many years of success due to our excellent customer service, something a lot of other Internet dealers lack. Other Internet dealers only care about making the sale, and then they will wash there hands of you. You will never be treated like a number at We are a family owned business and want all our customers to be treated like family and we will do our best to make that happen.

Best Reviews for Central Vacuums

Consumer Magazines

The first consumer publications on central vacuums came out in 2004, which means all machines were tested in 2003. This particular publication was generally not accepted in the central vacuum industry as accurate. There was a very small amount of vacuums tested at this time, therefore limiting the results they could have had. A lot of variables such as filtration type, bag or bagless style, quietness etc. were left out of the equation. This means any vacuums that were featured in this publication were not compared to all the other central vacuums on the market and can be misleading. Although the different consumer magazines can be a good guide to purchasing a good central vacuum, many individual needs are not taken into consideration. For example, if you have a child that suffers from asthma you may need a certain filtration. Another example would be the sound level of a central vacuum. You may need to install the unit in an interior closet, requiring a quiet unit. They also do not talk about the units track record of service or repairs. These are just some examples of individual needs that make an in-depth comparison chart a better guide when purchasing a central vacuum.

We were approached in the fall of 2009 by two popular and leading consumer magazines because of our unbiased, comprehensive and truthful knowledge of the central vacuum industry. They wanted the most of complete overview of the central vacuum industry so they could form their own opinion based on thousands of hours of research. They actually purchased the majority of the vacuums they tested. Seven of the 13 units that were purchased from us was tested for future publications. They choose our site to buy that day, and when we got that phone call we felt like we were on cloud 9.

Customer Beware - Private Label

central vacuum systems reviewsWhen shopping or searching for a central vacuum unit you should be aware of vacuum units that are private labeled. A privately labeled vacuum unit is basically a vacuum unit that someone puts a sticker on and tries to push very hard due to a higher profit margin. For example, this is the equivalent of us taking a sticker and slapping it on any vacuum, making "Imperial Vac", "Empire Vacuum",  "Tony's Vacs" or some other fictitious name appear to be a real company. Anyone can put a crown on a vacuum and pretend to be a real company. There are a variety of problems that come with a privately labeled unit ranging from warranty issues, difficulty with service, companies going out of business etc. You should ALWAYS deal with a real central vacuum company, a company that you can contact, not a company that simply applied their name to a vacuum. When you purchase a privately labeled unit you will ALWAYS have to go back to that company, and ONLY that company for all warranty related issues. We have also heard complaints from customers that they cannot have their private labeled unit serviced locally. Local dealers "simply will not touch"privately labeled vacuums. Local dealers normally cannot get parts for these units and do not want to be responsible for any work that may violate the warranty agreement.

Buyer Beware

A company using a private label can easily change their name overnight, leaving you stuck in the dark. As the old saying goes, here today.. gone tomorrow. With no one to look for and no name brand to find, you will have no one to turn to. Make sure you're never left in the dark.

Stay away from private labels!

Many people also get stuck with a vacuum unit they cannot get replacement parts for once these "companies" go out of business. Being that no other companies carry these privately labeled units, you are forced to go back to them for parts, bags, filters, hinges, motors etc. At this point, you will have no other option but to pay their much higher prices for replacement parts. Once the company has gone out of business the customer is left stranded and often will have to replace the unit. These so-called companies often do not have insurance or liability coverage and will not assist their customer in these events.

We at do not believe in private labeling any vacuum unit due to these reasons and more. We only deal with real, legitimate companies such as Nutone®, Honeywell®, Drainvac®, PowerStar®, Airvac®, Eureka®, Hoover®, Dustcare®, Walvac®, Cana-Vac®, and others. These are REAL companies. Companies that you can contact via phone or visit online. This is not the case with a privately labeled vacuum unit. You will NOT be able to go to their website for more information. You will NOT find an actual company under "Super Sucker 2000", but ONLY the company that sold it to you...assuming they're still open for business!

best central vacuum reviews

If you're not able to find a particular company on our comprehensive comparison charts, chances are it's a private labeled brand. Buyer beware.

The only reason a company private labels a vacuum is to earn more money from an unsuspecting customer. These companies are well aware of the fact that you cannot shop this vacuum anywhere else, forcing you to pay whatever high price they give. There is, of course, a much higher profit margin for companies that sell their own private labeled line. would much rather give our customers more options so they are able to get the unit that best fits their needs and budget. Our customer service representatives will help guide you in the right direction, with many options and price levels. We are more concerned about our customer's satisfaction than our profit margin, so will NEVER private label a vacuum.

In all honesty, a privately labeled unit is nothing more than a fake company out to steal your money. You are forced to pay higher prices because NO OTHER COMPANY will have their unit making it impossible to shop. Secondly, if you ever need a replacement part you will be forced to go back to the company where they control the pricing. You will undoubtedly be forced to pay higher prices for these parts and/or repairs. So don't become trapped! If you're not sure about a company or unit, ask for that COMPANY'S (manufacturers) website and phone number. You may also contact for information regarding privately labeled vacuum units.

Why A Central Vacuum?

No other technology cleans as efficiently and effectively as a central cleaning system. It is by far the best choice in making your home healthier and cleaner. In addition to the trusty broom and dustpan, many homeowners use a small vacuum for the stairs and the car, an upright for the carpeting, and a shop vacuum for the garage. They all need filters, belts, and periodic maintenance or replacement. It's hard to believe that a central vacuum could replace most of these cleaning tools.

Although normally associated with new construction and expensive homes, central vacuum systems can be installed in most existing homes and are actually quite economical. They add resale value to your home, so a central vacuum is an investment that will pay for itself. Breathe easier: Indoor air pollution is one of the most common problems addressed by allergists. One in three people in the U.S. have dust-related allergies and the EPA estimates that indoor air may be up to five times more polluted than outdoor air. A central vacuum is often recommended for removing pollutants since 99.7% of pollens, bacteria, and pet dander vacuumed are exhausted out of the home when vented outdoors. Researchers at the University of California at Davis school of medicine revealed that the use of a central vacuum system reduced nasal allergy symptoms by as much as 47%, eye symptoms by as much as 61% and improved indoor air quality by 52%.

The second reason to purchase a central vacuum is the tremendous cleaning power. A central vacuum system can produce as much as five times as much power as you normal household vacuum cleaner and since it's in a remote location, the sound produced from the central vacuum is barely noticeable (excluding the powerhead). You'll be able to hear the phone ring or carry a full conversation with someone in the same room with no need to talk over the vacuum.

Finally, a central vacuum completely eliminates the need to drag a bulky machine around the house, banging out furniture and walls in the process. Household vacuums have to be carried up and down stairs, and in the of canister style vacuums, they the potential of falling down the stairs and breaking itself along with whatever is in its way. The dirt capacity of an average central vacuum is very generous when compared to a household vacuum. They usually require emptying once maybe twice a year depending on how often you vacuum. Also, having a built-in vacuum system typically retain their full value when a home sells and is considered a home upgrade which increases the value of the home - something that can't be said about a portable vacuum, more matter how expensive it was.

Central vacuum reviews