Honeywell Central Vacuum Circuit Boards and Relays

Honeywell Central Vacuum Circuit Boards and Relays

Honeywell Central Vacuum Circuit Boards and Relays

The Honeywell Central Vacuum component most likely to break down, other than the motor, is the circuit or relay board. A Honeywell Central Vacuum relay or circuit board is an electrically operated switch assembly that allows the Unit to turn on or off by completing the circuit and sending power directly to the central vacuums motor.

Changing this board usually involves two or three wires and something most central vacuum owners can replace on their own. With any electrical product, your Honeywell Central Vacuum may have electrical problems. After eliminating the major causes of electrical difficulties, such as breakers or electrical panels; and your unit still does not run; you may need to replace a relay or electronic part.

Caution: Do not attempt to check the wiring in a power unit unless you are a qualified service technician.

PLEASE NOTE: Relays and Circuit Boards Are Non-Refundable. Make sure you order the correct part for your central vacuum system. If you have any questions or need assistance finding the right part for your Honeywell central vacuum, please call 1.800.322.2965 and one of our vacuum experts will be happy to assist you.

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  1. The Beam 100576 relay is designed to fit the 143, 145, 165, 185, 725, 750, 750A, 775, 775A, 875, and BU185 central vacuum models. The 100576 will also fit Eureka: CV1804A, Honeywell: 4B-H402, 4B-H403, Frigidaire: FCV165S, FCV185S, and 460. Please Note before you purchase a relay ... Learn More

  2. This Central Vacuum Circuit Board 100629 fits the following Beam models: SC200A, SC300A, SC398C, SC275A, SC295A, SC3700A, SC375A, SC375B, SC3900A, SC395A, SC395B, SC395C and PU201A. The 100629 central vacuum relay board fits additional models listed below. Learn More