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Veterinarian Central Vacuum Systems

Powerful Vet Vacuums up to 1340 Max AirWatts are Perfect for Pet Hair

A veterinary vacuum is simply a true commercial grade high efficiency central vacuum. One designed to be stronger, longer lasting with industrial strength suction. These machines were designed due to an increased demand by pet owners as well as veterinary offices. With a large dirt capacity and hassle free maintenance costs this commercial vet central vacuum is an innovation in veterinary establishments. Would you like to know what multi-million dollar Animal Clinics use to clean up the whole facility; continue reading below. We also carry Pet Central Vacuums for homeowners.

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With or Without Installation Hardware - (Upgrade your old Veterinarian System with the Ultimate)

Veterinarian Vacuum Specifications:

Max Water Lift160" / 170"Max AirWatts900 & 1340
Watts1822 / 3122Diameter15"
Volts110V / 240VHeight 33"
Warranty* LifetimeWeight ~38 lbs.
Fuse15 amp recommended 20 amp
Decibels14.5 / 13 (230 V)
Decibels63 / 66FiltrationDisposable
Paper Bags
Wet/dry systems also available, call for more info.
Customize a package best for you. Call 1.800.322.2965 Commercial-use warranty terms and conditions are covered in product documentation.
CSA Certified Product

What is a Vet Central Vacuum?

Drainvac commercial and Industrial Vet Vacuum Cleaners are like no other vacuums on the market today. You’re looking at one of the only manufacturers who have developed a central vacuum system that are designed for dry pick up only and wet/dry pick up! The wet/dry pickup has been becoming very popular with animal hospitals and the Drainvac ultimate Vet Vac is in demand due to its performance capabilities. The beauty of the Vet Vac is an auto flush feature. No bags, no filters, no dirty clean ups, no hassle maintenance! All dirt, hair, dusts and debris is flushed directly into a sewage line.

Let our staff at help you with layout and planning or just suggest the correct central vacuum for your Animal Hospital or Clinic. We have been specializing in this for years so you can trust that you are getting quality expertise advice from our trained professional staff of technicians. Our belief is the sale does not end once the transaction has been completed. Since 1960 we are the experts like a Veterinary Doctor puts they’re time and love into treating animals we put the same passion into our business! Pet owners seek advice from an experience Vet well let us help the veterinary industry with our commercial vacuum knowledge.

Vet Vacuum Testimonials: See what our customers have to say about their NEW VetVac!

"Dear Robert,

I dealt with you a couple of months ago and you were very helpful over the phone. I've done a lot of research regarding a vacuum that is somewhat designed for veterinarians. I've owned a Beam central vacuum in the past which eventually turned into a rust bucket, and it went through 3 motors in around 3 years or so. That's how long I can get out of a motor. My biggest concern was rust and clogging. I like the idea of a separate canister opposed to an all in one.

My old central vacuum was only 4 gallons but this one is 10 gallons, what a huge difference. Crazy enough, I should not be telling you this, but the people who clean our offices pick up everything in the world including syringes, plastic bags, pet food and occasionally some poop. I know it's pretty disgusting, I've talked to them so many times already. I bought your deodorizing tablets and it pretty much eliminated that nasty smell in the vacuum. The reason I'm writing you is to thank you for your reminder card you sent us when it was time to do maintenance on my machine. You've also sent me some free Tornado Power maintenance cloths and it really does flush out the system. I've been sending a sheet through each inlet every 2 or 3 months and it's been working great.

You guys have been professional from the beginning and I'm sure not too many people write back to let you know how the product has performed but we are very very happy with it.

Thanking you in advance,
Dr. Phillip Siegel, Los Angeles, CA"

"Dear Thinkvacuums,

I heard about your website through a network of veterinarians association here in Philly. My colleague and I bought the Drainvac VetVac last year. The commercial version 240v. Our establishment is approx. 8,500 sq. ft. with 9 offices. Each office has an outlet including our 4 operating tables. We have not had any issues regarding the vacuum, it's been working great since day one.

We'll be opening another location soon in a different town and we wanted to send you the blueprints, but the next machine might be a 110v version. We're very happy with your company and will be doing business with you soon.

Thank you,
Cathlene P., Philly PA"