ProTeam Commercial Grade Vacuums and Accessories

ProTeam started in a garage in 1983, where Larry Shideler, then the owner of a commercial cleaning operation, utilized PVC pipes, a powerful motor and several different filters to create the original lightweight backpack vacuum. He called it the QuarterVac® and put it to work with astonishing results. He found the backpack vacuum dramatically improved worker productivity, effectiveness, and ergonomic comfort. By combining a Four Level® Filtration system with a powerful motor for improved suction, the backpack also extracted and eliminated more dirt than a commercial upright, canister or dust mop.

His innovation sparked a change in thinking and process that took the industry by storm. Maintenance crews in every arena—from education to contract cleaning to hospitality—quickly found that ProTeam backpacks saved time, money and resources while improving indoor air quality. With durable materials and fewer moving parts, ProTeam vacuums also last for years, while reducing repair and maintenance costs.