Sebo Electric Powerheads

Sebo Electric Powerheads

SEBO ET-1 & ET-2 Electric Powerheads

SEBO LogoRecognized worldwide, SEBO electric powerheads are made in Germany and are the most reliable and best-designed electric powerheads in the market today. These SEBO powerheads effectively clean most flooring types, are known for there excellent pet hair removal and are virtually maintenance free! The SEBO ET-1 and ET-2 features warning systems which assure effective brush agitation, an automatic safety shut off. These features protect the belts, motors, and carpets from damage.

The SEBO ET-1 & ET-2 Electric Powerheads come in two different widths and has 4-level manual brush height adjustment to effectively clean bare flooring, carpets, and area rugs. The brush roller can be switched off by pressing the on/off button to clean more delicate carpets and use straight suction for hard flooring. is an authorized internet dealer of SEBO vacuums, powerheads, parts & accessories.

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    • Available Colors: Black & White

    • Extra Large 15" Cleaning Path 

    • Manual 4-Level Height Adjustment

    • Motor Safety Shut Off Protection

    The SEBO ET-2 powerhead cleans most types of flooring, it's excellent for pet hair removal and is virtually ma... Learn More

    price $339.00
    • Available Colors: Black, Red, & White

    • 12" Wide Cleaning Path

    • Manual 4-Level Height Adjustment

    • Motor Safety Shut Off Protection

    The SEBO ET-1 Electric Powerhead is made in Germany, SEBO is recognized worldwide as the most reliable and bes... Learn More

    price $329.00

SEBO Power Heads designed to fit SEBO Vacuums are the most reliable and best designed on the market. SEBO's Power Heads are practically maintenance free, come in a variety of colors, feature warning systems and automatic shut off capabilities that protect the machine and your carpet while assuring optimum performance.

The SEBO Power Head Brush Roller removal is quick and easy, so it can be cleaned or replaced if the bristles are worn, ensuring consistently effective brush agitation. SEBO Power Heads also offer electronic overload protection. This extends the life of your belt by shutting off power if an obstruction jams the brush roller.

Also, do not worry about pet clean up! All SEBO Powerheads easily remove deep-down pet hair!

After you purchase a genuine SEBO Power Head, don't forget to view our line of the SEBO Accessories & Vacuum Cleaners including the Automatic X-Series, Essential G-Series, Felix Series and SEBO Canister Vacuums.

Did You Know? - SEBO Power Heads & vacuums are used in the White House and Buckingham Palace.

We also sell SEBO Power Heads for Central Vacuums