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These are the only grout brushes that you will ever need

Grout cleaning brushes are a great way to keep your grout lines looking clean and inviting. Black dirty grout that hasn't been properly cleaned is a big eyesore in any room, but with a little manual labor and the right tools, you can have officially clean grout again! The best grout cleaning brush will not only remove the dirt and debris that has built up in your tile but also helps to scrub away stains and discoloration. Check out Our Grout Cleaning Kits that Include all the products & tools you need for the job.

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Top 3 Grout Cleaning Brushes

The Ultimate Grout Brush - Top Seller

Professional Grade Quality

For The Best Results in your grout cleaning! This is the exact brush that professionals use on the job! Compliment the Best Grout Cleaning Brush with the Ultimate Grout Cleaner. It’s now 43% stronger than a year ago. The NEW "V" shaped contour for floor and corner cleaning, accommodates all grout sizes. Durable stiffer polyethylene bristles offer superior scrubbing action! We only sell the best grout cleaning brushes and stand behind our products.





Superior Grout Scrubber - #1 Upgraded Brush

Adjustable Tile & Grout Brush

Save yourself from cleaning on your hands and knees with the Superior Grout Scrubber. This broom features an 8″ wide head that cleans tile and grout simultaneously. Red nylon bristles easily clean dirt and grime from grout lines thanks to a patented diamond-shaped design, and the grey bristles are different lengths, allowing the broom to clean uneven surfaces. The aluminum handle adjusts from 32″ to 56″ in length and locks in place, allowing you to easily clean without stressing your back!





Tile & Grout Scrubbing Brush - Top Alternative

Tile and Grout Scrubbing Brush

Designed for All Tile Floors

Stop buying those cheap tile and grout scrub brushes that quickly break down after only a few uses. Scrub clean all high traffic areas on your tile and grout. The 180° swivel head is great for scrubbing from any angle. This is a professional tile scrubbing brush with super-strong, stiff nylon bristles, that will remove stubborn dirt without scratching your floor.


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