Hardware and Safety

Hardware and Safety

Phoenix Hardware & Safety

ThinkVacuums.com specializes in all your central vacuum installation materials and hardware to get your central vacuum installation done properly. We provide many of the tools needed for new installations and additional hardware that may be needed such as pipe cutters, safety valves, and even firewall collars.

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    • Designed For Central Vacuum PVC Pipe

    • Leaves Clean Smooth Edges

    • Durable, High Quality, Long Lasting

    • Easy To Use

    This durable all-metal central vacuum PVC pipe cutter features precision sharp blades that adjust to your pref... Learn More

    • Cuts Through Central Vacuum Pipe With Ease

    • For Use With 2" Outside Diameter Vacuum Pipe 

    • Clean Perfect Cuts With No Frayed Edges

    • Made Of Heavy Duty ABS Material 

    Made of heavy duty ABS. Simply slides over 2 inch outside diameter vacuum pipe and with a couple of turns you ... Learn More

    • Fits Professional Pipe Cutter

    • Leaves Smooth Edges

    • Cuts PVC Pipe With Precision

    • Set Of 5 Sharp Blades

    Set of 5 replacement blades for the all-metal central vacuum PVC pipe cutter. These sharp blades cut 2" centra... Learn More

    • Designed To Protect The Motor Brun Out 

    • Easy To Install

    • Great For Homes With Pets, Where Many Clogs Occur 

    • Valve Automatically Opens To Allow Air Flow To The Motor

    The Motor Safety Valve is an air relief system designed to protect your motor from damage, which is commonly c... Learn More

    • Seals Off Burning Pipes 

    • Fast Acting Expansion (Up to 60x)

    • Easy Installation 

    • Protects A Variety Of Plastic Pipes

    Expands quickly, up to 60x, to seal off burning pipes. Economical! High performance without the high price. Learn More

    • Heavy Duty Metal Hose Clamp

    • 2" Adjustable Clamp

    • Easily Secures Central Vacuum PVC Pipe & Fittings

    This heavy duty metal hose clamp is a 2-Inch adjustable clamp that secures central vacuum PVC pipes and fittin... Learn More

    • Fast Setting Bonding Agent

    • For Use With Central Vacuum Pipes

    • A Must Have For New Central Vacuum Installations 

    • Clear Regular Bodied Cement

    A fast setting bonding agent for central vacuum PVC pipes, Whitlam PVC Cement is a must-have item for new cent... Learn More

    • Allows You To Use The Unit Without Running Low Voltage Wire

    • Easy to Set Up In New Constructions or Existing Homes

    • Works With Any Central Vacuum 

    The Central Vacuum 3-Piece Remote Control includes a Remote Transmitter to turn the vacuum unit on and off, a ... Learn More