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NuTone CV653

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Essentials You May Need For The NuTone CV653 Central Vacuum System

CV653 Nutone Central VacuumThe NuTone CV653 Nutone Central Vacuum and Central Vacuum Parts stand for reliability and performance. This unit from the classic line of central vacuum systems, is no longer in production. However, you can still find a wide range of parts and accessories for this model. This centralized vacuum system is ideal for homes measuring up to 4,000 square feet, offering a classic and efficient solution for maintaining cleanliness. With its robust suction power, the NuTone CV653 easily removes dirt, dust, and allergens from various surfaces, promoting a healthier indoor atmosphere. Its design is timeless, and its operation is remarkably hushed, causing little to no interruption. The NuTone CV653 comes with a large 6-gallon dirt capacity, reducing the need for frequent emptying, and a slew of attachments capable of handling various cleaning tasks. To summarize, the NuTone CV653 Central Vac is an excellent choice for homeowners seeking a reliable, effective, and easy-to-use cleaning solution. A newer version akin to this Nutone power unit is the Nutone PP500 system. Click Here to view more NuTone Central Vacuum Models.

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Experience the NuTone CV653 Central Vacuum System

Power, Performance, and Longevity Define the NuTone CV653

The NuTone CV653 vacuum cleaner represents an embodiment of the well-respected NuTone brand. Despite it being a classic line unit no longer in production, you can still acquire an array of parts and accessories for this model right here on our website.

Designed for mid-size to large homes, the NuTone CV653 is part of the Advantage Series of central vacuum cleaners that deliver excellent performance while maintaining quiet operation. This device stands out due to its unique features, giving it an edge over similar offerings from other manufacturers.

The NuTone CV653 Power Unit is powered by a 2 HP bypass motor that operates in three stages, delivering a maximum amp value of 10.4, an airflow of 94 cubic feet per meter, a water lift threshold of 134 inches, and an impressive air wattage of 406. This motor is designed to operate at a voltage of 120 V and is compatible with dedicated circuits of 15 amps, minimizing the risk of overload.

The NuTone CV653 Power Unit uses a tank model coated in white polyester, with a diameter of 12 inches and a height of 32 inches. The entire body of the appliance is made of durable steel to protect its components. To enhance the operation and longevity of the motor, an additional filter is used to remove any dust that may slip past the primary filtration system. This system consists of removable paper bags that filter up to six gallons of dust. A muffler is included to lower the noise level of the vacuum system to a mere 72.5 decibels at full operation.

Discover More About The NuTone CV653

Nutone Central Vacuum HomeThe design of the NuTone CV653 vacuum cleaner features well-planned inlets, including one on the power unit and a cord long enough to provide easy access to those installed throughout the house. This model uses the inlets of the CI370 series with LED indicators that alert the user about the dust bag reaching its maximum storage capacity or the status of the central vacuum system. The indicator turns amber after twenty-five hours of total vacuum use, while it remains green as long as the system is connected to a power source. The Nutone CV653 vacuum cleaner brings an effective solution for a healthier lifestyle, as evidenced by its UL and CSA certifications, backed by a minimum warranty period of two years.

Nutone CV653 Power Unit Specs

The NuTone CV653 offers quiet and efficient performance from a single-motor, bag filtration unit, perfect for mid-size to larger homes up to 4,000 square feet. The unit includes sound insulation and a muffler. The green LED light on the power unit indicates system power and changes to amber after 25 hours of use to indicate that the dirt receptacle bag needs replacement.

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