Bags, Filters & Maintenance

Bags, Filters, & Maintenance Parts For Commercial Vacuums

Commercial vacuum cleaner maintenance is a crucial element if you want to ensure your vacuum operates at its peak performance at all times. There are four main components for commercial vacuum maintenance, belts, bags, brush rollers, and filters.

Bag Maintenence: It is important to change your vacuum bags when they are no more than halfway full. This will keep your vacuum cleaner running at its best performance giving your home a thorough clean.

Filter Maintenance: Most vacuums have one or more filters that should be washed (if washable) or replaced on a regular basis. Filters keep dust and dirt inside the vacuum when the vacuum filters are not cleaned or replaced, the dust, dirt, and debris may end up being released back into the air you breath. Always check your vacuums manual for proper filter maintenance.

Belt & Brush Roller Maintenance: Brush rollers can pick up many things over time. It is important to check the brush roller often and keep it free of hair and debris. If the brush roller becomes clogged it will not be able to pick up dust and dirt effectively. While checking the brush roller, inspect the belt that controls the brush. If the belt looks worn or feels loose, it should be replaced. Following these maintenance tips regularly will prolong the life of your vacuum and keep it running at optimal performance.

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