What's The Best Central Vacuum Attachment Kit To Use?

CanaVac Pet Vacuum

Today's homes are tighter and better insulated than ever before, trapping in all dirt and dust particles. Therefore, it's important to get peak overall cleaning performance out of your central vacuum unit, and equally important is getting the best quality attachments to compliment it. These determine not only the overall enjoyment of using your vacuum, but have the greatest impact on the combined cleaning power you should expect from your central vacuum system.

CanaVac Pet Vacuum
Mini-Vac Good for pet hair and dander Handheld Turbo Brush Upholstery Accessory
Improve Indoor Air Quality • Save Time 
Superior Cleaning • Versatility

Timesaving accessories   •   Clean Air = Clean Home

The U.S. Protection Agency reveals 6 out of 10 homes are "sick" and are potentially hazardous. Indoor air quality can be up to five times worse than outdoor air. It's a small wonder that respiratory ailments like asthma are at record high levels.

Live in a cleaner, healthier home.
Delicate Furnishings
Computer Keyboards
Under Furniture
Above Furniture
Behind Appliances
Ceiling Fans
Wet Spills
Dry Spills

From all carpet types and hard-surface flooring (wood, tile, marble, vinyl) to upholstery and drapery, whole-house cleaning is made easy and convenient with versatile central vacuum system accessories. Our high-quality products and accessories are specifically designed for durable yet lightweight operation, and gentle but thorough cleaning to create the cleanest, healthiest home possible.

Choose from a wide selection of cleaning nozzles to enhance the versatility of your central vacuum system, from electric power brushes for deep cleaning on all types of carpeting; to standard tool sets for basic household cleaning; to a wide selection of specialized tools and accessories to make all your cleaning chores easier.

Ceiling Fan Attachment Dustmop Attachment Head VacPan Car and Garage Care
Accessory kits for all your cleaning needs.
Selecting the right central vacuum tools is easy.
Standard Accessory Kit

Central Vacuum Bare Floor Attachment Kits

This type of attachment kit is meant for homes with all types of bare floors and minimal, LOW pile carpeting. This cleaning set consists of a crush-proof 1 3/8" diameter hose which has a 360° swivel handle to give you a great angle for cleaning any spot. The handle also features an air-relief valve to reduce airflow when cleaning more delicate draperies and upholstery. It also includes two metal extension pipes with a convenient tool storage bag and a hose hanger to complete the kit. Kits like these offer cleaning power with non-motorized accessories. The slim profile of the crevice tool allows the user to clean in tight corners and narrow spaces. This kit is considered a straight "air suction kit". Customers also use this kit as a second utility kit, typically in another area.
Turbo Accessory Kit

Central Vacuum Turbo Attachment Kits

These kits are suitable for homes with all types BARE FLOORS and LOW TO MEDIUM pile carpeting, throw rugs and area rugs. These accessories are good for cleaning up dirt and dust closer to the surface of your carpet. This uses the power of your central vacuum to turn a specially designed turbine at lower speeds than a powered electric brush. A lightweight alternative to the electric power brush for a more economical price. If you need a deeper clean as well as pet hair control, please consider the premier electric kit option. This kit is not suitable for pet hair!
Electric Accessory Kit

Central Vacuum Electric Attachment Kits

Excellent kits for homes with BARE FLOORS and LOW, MEDIUM, OR HIGH pile carpeting with deep padding. This kit includes a powerhead featuring a "beater-bar" (or rotating brush) that is effective in removing dirt, grime, hair, sand and debris that is deeply embedded in the carpets fibers. The revolving brush roller provides consistent rotating power to the carpet surface and aids in lifting up embedded dirt out for a deep down cleaning. The revolving brush roller also turns up the nap in your carpeting for a clean, fresh groomed look.This is the ultimate in deep carpet cleaning, and they will look newer and last longer with an electric beater-bar nozzle. Fantastic for pet hair!
Car and Garage Accessory Kit

Central Vacuum Car and Garage Attachment Kits

Cleaning cars, garages and workshops is very different from cleaning the house. You don't want the kind of grime and sawdust found outside of the house to be brought inside. You need a separate set of tools. Great for cleaning up dirt and grime, sawdust, cobwebs, dust, debris, and more. Keep your car and garage spotless! Throw out the old shopvac... Click here for more information.
Ultra Platinum II Hose Sock
"Save Your Walls"

New Ultra Platinum II Hose Sock...
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Ultra soft hose sock protects your baseboards, furniture & walls from abrasion, and also prevents wear and tear on the hose. Durable for years to come.
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No other technology cleans as efficiently and effectively as a central vacuum cleaning system. It is by far the best choice in making your home healthier and cleaner. If you were to examine your carpet through a microscope, you would see millions of microscopic organisms per square foot. Mold spores, pollen, dirt, dust, bits of food, pet dander and fur all inhabit the vastly huge world of carpeting. Simply walking across the surface of your carpeting is like an earthquake to all those tiny particles, lifting them up into the air where they often remain suspended for up to half an hour or even more. These tiny air born particles (which are visible to the eye when reflected in a sun beam shining through a window) are often the cause of wheezing and sneezing for those who suffer from allergies or asthma.