Bags For Royal Central Vacuums

Stack of Folded BagsRoyal central vacuum bags are design to trap more particles to help keep the air clean.  Dirt, dust, and allergens stay contained in the bag for clean, dust-free disposal, and no dirt on your hands, so you can breathe easy.  If you are unsure which bag will work best for your Royal system then, give us a call today at 1.954.341.2760.  One of our experts will be happy to help you find the right vacuum bag for your Royal central vacuum.

Recommendation:  Change Bags Every 3 to 4 Months

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    Universal HEPA Filtration Cloth Central Vacuum Bags (Best Filtration)
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About Vacuum Bags For Royal Central Vacuums

Royal Vacuum Bags will prevent you from having to handle the dirt, dust, and debris accumulated over months of vacuuming, capturing tiny particles from reentering the indoor air around you.  The Royal vacuum bag leaves your air cleaner which allows you to breathe easier.  Making the bagged system the cleanest and most hygienic way to vacuum your home.

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