Budd Central Vacuum Hoses

The hose is the part of a vacuum cleaner exposed to the highest risks when vacuuming for it is pulled around, stretched, stepped on, and bent countless times throughout a vacuuming job. Therefore, it is essential to equip your Budd vacuum cleaner with a durable and shock-resistant hose made of high-quality material. The replacement hoses for Budd all meet this requirement. Moreover, they come with two-year warranties which prove that they are worthwhile investments.

Choosing a Hose for your Budd central vacuum system is easy. Click the Central Vacuum Hose Diagram to find out if you require "Direct Connect" or a"Pigtail Connection". If you need additional assistance selecting the right Vacuum Hose for your Budd built-in vacuum system, either, click to learn more about Central Vacuum Hose Types or simply call an expert today.


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Electric Hoses for Budd Central Vacuums

Learn About Electric Hoses
  1. Premium Electric Hose for Budd Central Vacuum

    Best Seller! smileyface

    • Unbelievable 5-Year Warranty
    • 100% CrushProof/Lightweight
    • Creates 27% more suction
    • Available Sizes: 30, 36, 50 ft

    Top of the line quality, Crush Proof, electric central vacuum hose with 3-way dual switching control for power head & entire system. Better airflow, lighter weight & longer lasting! Select the Genuine Budd connection if you have a Budd branded central vacuum inlet, otherwise, thi... Learn More

    As low as $199.95

  2. Standard Electric Central Vacuum Hose

    • Standard 30-Day Warranty
    • Crush-Resistant But No Strain Relief

    • Available Sizes: 30 & 35 ft

    • Gas-Pump Style Handle

    Standard electric crush-proof dual switching control hose with Gas pump style handle, 360 swivel design and air bleeder valve. Standard Quality. This hose fits Standard 1.5" diameter inlets.

    Learn More

    price $184.50

Basic Hoses for Budd Central Vacuums

Learn About Basic Hoses
  1. Basic Straight Suction Hose for Budd Central Vacuum

    Best Value! smileyface

    • Premium Quality Basic Hose
    • New Whistle-Free Technology
    • Available Sizes: 20, 25, 30, 42, 50 ft
    • Fits 99% of all central vacuum inlets

    New Premium Light Weight Crush Proof Hose, now with 1 3/8" interior diameter, increases suction up to 20% more than the competition. Metal Button Lock End with Air Relief Valve. The crush proof hose simply put is the most basic hose in the central vacuum industry. Learn More

    As low as $55.95
  2. Central Vacuum Stretchable / Retractable Hose

    • Extends from 5 to 20 Feet or 6 to 30 Feet

    • Easy Storage
    • Quick Cleanup Hose
    • Use With Non-Motorized Accessories

    Offers maximum cleaning power with non-motorized accessories such as basic tools and turbine brushes. Easy to store; requires 60% less space than traditional hoses. Please Note: This hose does not come with a warranty. If you have any questions about this hose or need assistance ... Learn More

    price $69.95
  3. Central Vacuum Universal Add-On Extension Hose

    • Made in America

    • Advanced 360 swivel design
    • Air relief valve
    • Extends from 3' to 15'

    Is your central vacuum hose too short? This hose extension is a great addition to any central vacuum hose. Simply attach the universal extension hose to your central vacuum hose handle. It extends from 3' to 15' giving that extra reach you need. This hose extension is compatible ... Learn More

    Was $69.99

    Save: 21%

    Save $15.04 (21%) through 04/23/2024

    Save: 21%

    On Sale: $54.95

    Save $15.04 through 04/23/2024

    Price $54.95

Hose Socks for   Central Vacuum Hoses

For   Central Vacuums Compatible Hoses

Central Vacuum Protective Hose Sock Cover
For   Central Vacuum Hoses
Save Your Walls & Furniture!
A Must for every central vacuum hose & your   built-in vacuum! 

  • Save Your Walls & Furniture!
  • Ultra-Stretch, Anti-Static Material
  • Durable, Long-Lasting & Washable!
  • Stops Tangles & Extends Hose Life

Industry Best Platinum Cover
Available Sizes: 30, 35, 40, 50 Ft

Protect your furniture and walls with a vacsoc
central vacuum hose before and after with hose sock

As a courtesy, when you purchase a hose for your   central vacuum, and hose sock for the hose, from ThinkVacuums.com we will install it on your hose free of charge. If you order the hose sock separately the helpful video below will guide you through how easy it is to put on.

Other Hoses for Budd Central Vacuums

  1. Standard Electric Hose for Budd Central Vacuum

    • Standard 30-Day Warranty
    • Basic Crush-Proof Design
    • Available Sizes: 30, 35 ft
    • Gas-Pump Style Handle

    Basic electric crush proof dual switching control hose with Gas pump style handle, 360 swivel design and air bleeder valve. Standard Quality. This hose fits Standard 1.5" diameter inlets. Learn More