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Think Vacuums offers Heavy-Duty Commercial Vacuums and Central Vacuums online for your ordering convenience. We offer a large selection of Commercial Upright, Commercial Canister Vacuums, Commercial Backpack Vacuums, Commercial Floor Sweepers, and Commercial Floor Buffers. Commercial vacuums are considered to have stronger suction power along with a higher dirt capacity than a commercial canister or backpack vacuum. Some of our biggest customers are cleaning services, hotel chains, maid services, restoration companies, and retail stores. This is because we offer excellent prices, offer a large selection of commercial vacuums & commercial vacuum parts, and we are the vacuum experts. Check out our Central Vacuum Systems

Top 5 Brands of Commercial Vacuums



Our highly educated and well-trained staff of certified technicians and customer service representatives is here to answer any questions you may have. Our staff will be more than happy to recommend the right system for you while working within your budget. Our motto   “A well-informed consumer is our best customer” has come to mean a lot to all who come in and to our business over the years. We have a beautiful showroom and certified repair facility that is open for your shopping needs at our Coral Springs, Florida location. We have grown to be one of the nation’s leading online vacuum businesses. 

Commercial Vacuums by Category 

Commercial Upright Vacuums

Commercial Upright Vacuum Cleaners

Commercial Upright Vacuum Cleaners are generally used in commercial applications such as restaurants, cleaning services, & schools. They are designed with heavy-duty motors and parts that tend to last longer than a traditional residential upright vacuum cleaner. Commercial upright vacuums are used more often and can clean larger areas at a time. The commercial upright has longer power cords, stronger wheels that make it easier to glide over all types of flooring, and less overall maintenance. We carry models in these brands: Sanitaire, Bissell, Clean ObsessedProTeam, and Carpet Pro.

3 Best Selling Commercial Uprights:

  1. Sanitaire SC9180 MULTI-SURFACE
  2. Sanitaire Tradition SC899
  3. ProTeam ProForce 1500XP



Commercial Canister Vacuums

Commercial Canister Vacuums

Commercial Canister Vacuum Cleaners provide powerful performance and maneuverability. There are no cleaning tasks a commercial canister can't handle. They are designed for detailed cleaning of multiple surfaces and include tools, attachments, and powerheads for all types of cleaning applications and all floor types. Commercial Canister Vacuums are built to last. 

We stock Sanitaire, Bissell, and Clean Obsessed.

3 Best Selling Commercial Canister Vacuums:

  1. Sanitaire Extend SC3683 Mighty Mite
  2. Bissell BGC3000 Canister
  3. Clean Obsessed CO711 HEPA Canister



Commercial Backpack Vacuums

Commercial Backpack Vacuums

The commercial backpack vacuum cleaner has been created keeping in mind the comfort factor of those using them. It is almost like walking around the home or office with a backpack except that this one comes with a brush. If you are thinking of investing in a commercial vacuum cleaner then it’s definitely the right choice. Once you have a backpack vacuum cleaner, you won’t have to go through the motions of an awkward drag that most people experience while using the canister or upright vacuum cleaner. But most importantly, it offers portability! 

3 Best Selling Commercial Backpack Vacuums:

  1. Sanitaire SC535 Transport
  2. ProTeam LineVacer HEPA
  3. Bissell BG1001 Backpack

 Commercial Floor Sweepers

Commercial Floor Sweepers

Commercial Carpet and Floor Sweepers remove dust, dirt, and other debris from bare flooring and low pile carpets. They have brushes or rubber blades that loosen deep down dirt from flooring, the dirt then is trapped in the dirt receptacle for easy emptying. The dirt receptacle traps and keeps dust, dirt, and allergens from becoming recirculated back into the air. You can choose between a manual push sweeper or walk-behind sweepers. Manual sweepers have a non-electric mechanism that turns the brushes as you push the sweeper across the floor.

Walk-behind sweepers have a wide cleaning path and a high capacity dirt receptacle for collecting dust and larger debris from larger areas such as schools, offices, garages, and more.

Top Commercial Floor Sweeper

  1. Bissell BG-CC28 Wide Area Sweeper





Commercial Floor Buffers / Polishers

Commercial Floor Buffers

Commercial Floor Buffers allow cleaning professionals to strip or remove build-up from hard flooring. Depending on the pad used Commercial Floor Buffers can buff, clean, or scrub floors to remove dirt and scuff marks restoring shine to hard flooring. Buffers operate at low speeds creating 100% contact between the floor and the pad ensuring a deep clean. Truly one of the best ways to finish off a floor. Commonly used by Hotels, Schools, Malls, Shopping Centers, Grocery Stores, and many other places of business. 

Top 4 Floor Buffers

  1. Sanitaire CAST SC6010 Floor Machine 17in
  2. Sanitaire CAST SC6025 Floor Machine 20in
  3. Sanitaire CAST SC6045 Floor Machine 20in




  • Commercial vacuum cleaners are built to last longer than a traditional vacuum cleaner so it really all depends on the vacuum cleaner and the manufacturer. More expensive commercial vacuums will last longer and require less maintenance than the cheaper ones.

  • The top selling commercial vacuum cleaner brand is Sanitaire, they are big, powerful vacuums that are designed for professional grade work. They offer a variety of filtration levels, bag styles, cleaning attachments and more. Sanitaire’s distinct product line features uprights, backpacks, canister vacuums, floor machines, carpet extractors, air movers.

  • Commercial vacuum cleaners are built for heavy everyday use and are designed with strong motors, greater suction power, cleaning capacity and last longer than the traditional vacuum cleaner. Commercial vacuum cleaners offer a wide variety of different styles and filtration to meet specific needs of the user.

  • Commercial Uprights are the most recognizable and most popular type of vacuum choice for hotels. Commercial upright vacuums are designed for quicker clean ups and have a variety of dirt collections, longer power cords and different levels of filtration.

  • The Sanitaire’s SC9180 Multi Surface Commercial Vacuum is the popular choice for the service industry. Equipped with dual powerful motor it produces 1380 air watts and offers HEPA filtration. Some other feature of the SC9180 is a extra long 50’ power cord, carpet height adjustment knob, and integrated cleaning attachments that include a dusting brush, crevice tool, and upholstery tool.

  • The Sanitaire’s SC3683 also known as the Mighty Mite Canister Vacuum. It is designed for both commercial and residential use. It is easy to navigate and maneuver, it also includes a shoulder strap that allows the user to carry around as you clean. This lightweight commercial canister comes with the standard cleaning attachments, a crevice tool, dusting brush, and an upholstery tool.

  • It depends on the office size. For larger offices the preferred choice is a commercial upright and for smaller office spaces is a commercial canister vacuum cleaner. Both commercial vacuums deliver a far better cleaning performance compared to the traditional uprights and canisters. Commercial vacuums are built for heavy everyday cleaning for office and other service industry use.

  • The ProTeam ProForce 1500XP is a dual motor, heavy duty commercial upright vacuum that is ideal for all commercial uses and includes HEPA level filtration, on-board tools, performance indicator lights, super stretch hose, and so much more. The 1500XP is extremely efficient and makes cleaning easy and thorough.

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