Commercial Vacuums

Commercial Vacuums

Commercial and Industrial Grade Central Vacuum Systems

No matter the cleaning application or requirement, these powerful Industrial Central Vacuums are commercial grade for cleanup of the toughest jobs!

commercial central vacuums

Choose from 1 of 4 Industrial Central Vacuum Systems. The Cyclonic Industrial Central Vacuum picks up dry substances, is powerful, versatile, and intended for environments that produce a lot of dust. The Automatik Industrial Vacuum picks up both dry and liquid substances then automatically drains the system. The Industrial Central Vacuum is designed for warehouse or factory solutions. This enterprise solution is designed for industry sectors including agricultural, nutritional, automobile, military, mechanical, and other industries. Finally, the Drainvac Liquids Industrial Vacuum is great for professional carpet cleaning, post-disaster cleaning services.

Industrial Central Vacuums are designed for large industries that want results, the cleaning power of commercial-grade equipment, and a system backed by one of the finest warranties on the market. Drainvac Industrial Central Vacuums are the number one choice of top industries nationwide. Not only does Drainvac deliver the most suction power, highest airwatts, and dirt, dust, grime, or large material pickup but, their Industrial Central Vacuums are backed with years of quality assurance and reliability. Where other competitor’s claims and equipment may have fallen behind, Drainvac stands firm behind all of their products.

Commercial Central Vacuums & Industrial Central Vacs are NOT all Alike!

We know not all industries are alike. Some require larger solutions than others, this is why Drainvac provides the perfect system to match any industrial cleaning need. For example, if you work in a warehouse or factory you are quite aware of the requirement for industrial-sized solutions. This is why the best-selling large scale industrial central vacuum cleaners come in a series of high-end models ranging from 6.17HP up to 28.550HP!

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The 4 Most Popular Types of Industrial and Commercial Grade Central Vacuums

1. Cyclonik Central Vacuums

This multifunctional system picks up dry substances. It’s powerful, versatile, and ideal for environments that produce a lot of dust.

2. Automatik Central Vacuums

 Because it can pick up dry and liquid substances, this convenient all-in-one DRAINVAC system simply pays for itself!
This series boasts leading technology as the world’s first central vacuum with an integrated automatic drain system.

3. Industrial Central Vacuums

When you work in a warehouse or factory, you need industrial-sized solutions. That’s where this DRAINVAC system comes in handy. It picks up dry and liquid substances, and it’s more powerful to suit the size of your enterprise.

4. Liquids Central Vacuums

If you're a professional carpet cleaner, or if your business offers post-disaster cleaning services, this Drainvac application is the one you need! It's also the system that got Drainvac started.