Central Vac Installation Materials

Central Vac Installation Materials

Central Vacuum Installation Materials

Inlet InstallationWhat Do I Need To Install My Central Vacuum Unit?

At thinkVacuums.com carries all the fittings, adapters, and tubing necessary for the success of your central vacuum system installation. 

We carry a wide range of central vacuum installation material, including central vacuum PVC pipe and fittings, dustpans, wall inlets, and inlet valves, central vacuum mufflers, exhaust vents, glue, and other installation material. 

Central Vacuum PVC Pipe

Never Use Plumbing PVC Pipe! Thinkvacuums.com carries only true central vacuum PVC Pipe. We ship only premium quality, Flomax Gold, thin, certified schedule 20 PVC.

Our wall inlet installation pipe kit is the most commonly used in homes today. We have two styles available: direct connect style and universal pigtail style. In addition, we offer various colors, white, ivory and almond with sizes up to 15 inlets and includes 375 ft of pipe. Not sure what you need or just need assistance? Give us a call at 1-800-322-2965 and one of our central vacuum experts will be happy to help!