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There are many advantages to using a central vacuum system from NuTone over the upright vacuum cleaner that many people start out with. Some of the factors that draw customers to a NuTone central vacuum cleaning system are the price, longevity, durability, quality, health benefits, and convenience. That is a lot of benefits packed into one system. The same cannot be said for the standard upright vacuums that also claim the same.

If you have shopped for upright vacuums before you may already know that the cost for these can range from $200-$500 dollars. While most people are willing to pay out top dollar for a name-brand vacuum cleaner, they may not be aware that they can purchase a NuTone power unit at a cost ranging from $300-$750. This may seem a little higher but when you realize that an upright vacuum may last you three to five years but a power unit will last from fifteen to twenty years, you will immediately see that the power unit is, in fact, the bargain.

Many people look at the price they will have to pay now when making their decisions. Instead, if you look at the price divided by the number of years you can expect your product to work, you can get a much better estimate of what your total cost will be. If you pay $500 for an upright vacuum that lasts for five years then you are paying out $100 per year. You will have to spend an additional $500 to purchase a new vacuum at the end of that five-year period. You can expect this continue every five years or less. So, in twenty years time, you will have paid out a total of $2,000 for upright vacuums. 

Now if you were to purchase a central vacuum systems power unit at the same price of $500 and keep it for twenty years, you are only paying out $25 per year and will not have to continue purchasing new power units. At the end of the twenty years, you will still have only paid out the initial $500. When you look at your purchase over the expected lifespan of the unit, the central vacuum system is a far better choice.

Other advantages of purchasing a Nutone central vacuum system are that the system is very durable. The power unit is typically housed in a garage or utility room where there will be little to no foot traffic around the unit. The pipe and couplings are located within the walls of the home with only the inlet visible to the occupants of the home. The hoses are going to be the only items that are going to see the most wear and tear. The manufacturer understands that the Nutone hoses are going to bear the brunt of the work and build them out of stronger materials so that they are durable and shock resistant.

One of the biggest advantages of installing a central vacuum system is the health benefits that you could experience. The system removes the air that it vacuums up and sends it outdoors. Instead of just running it through a filter and recirculating the air. Also, upright vacuums can remove the large particles but not the smaller ones. NuTone central vacuums have five times the cleaning power of an upright vacuum.

There are a lot of advantages of choosing a NuTone central vacuum system over an upright vacuum. The cleaning power is unmatched and the convenience of being able to just tote around the powerhead along with the hose is much easier than lugging around a heavy push vacuum. The Nutone central vacuum system is worth the investment and can last between fifteen and twenty years.


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