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Wide Selection of Central Vacuum Accessories for Every Cleaning Need

floor brushesWelcome to our comprehensive collection of Electrolux Floor Brushes and a vast array of central vacuum accessories at ThinkVacuums.com! Whether you're tackling the delicate surfaces of your home, managing pet hair on upholstery, or ensuring your stairs remain spotless, our selection is tailored to meet every aspect of your cleaning needs. With products designed to enhance the functionality and efficiency of your central vacuum system, you'll discover the perfect tools to simplify your cleaning routine while maintaining a pristine environment. Explore our curated categories to find specialized tools that align with your specific requirements, ensuring an unmatched level of cleanliness across all types of floors and surfaces.


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    • Voted #1 Bare Floor Brush in the World!
      Made In Germany
    • Gentle Cleaning Without Damaging Floors
    • 180° Swivel Neck Design, More Natural Feel

    This Twister Ultimate Bare Floor Brush glides effortlessly across flooring allowing a gentle yet thorough clea... Learn More

    • 15" Wide Cleaning Path
    • 180° Swivel Neck Design
    • Gentle Cleaning Without Damaging Floors
    • Commercial-Grade Quality for Home Use

      Unique Bristle Cut Out Won't Bulldoze Dirt

    The Central Vacuum Extra Wide Bare Floor Brush will easily clean wooden and other tiled floors and surfaces.... Learn More

    • Removable Top Becomes an Upholstery Tool!

    • Extra Wide 18" Cleaning Path

    • 360° Swivel Neck Design
    • Ideal for All Bare Flooring

    The Big Mouth Bare Floor Brush is ideal for all bare floor types and features an extra-wide 18" cleaning path,... Learn More

    • 100% Natural, Soft Horse Hair Bristles

    • Easy Roll, non-marking Rubber Wheels
    • 180 Degree Swivel Neck Design
    • Available Sizes: 12" or 14" XL

    This Natural Soft Bristle Brush is ideal for wood floors, but can also be used on all bare floor surfaces.. Ea... Learn More

    price $29.95
    • 180 Degree Swivel Neck
    • 10" wide for lightweight feel
    • Coarse Scratch-Free Horse Hair Bristles
    • Bristles designed to maximize dirt flow

    The Bare Floor Brush is equipped with course, horse hair bristles that will clean even the toughest stains wit... Learn More

    • Most Popular Carpet & Bare Floor Tool
    • Smooth Transitions from Rugs to Floors
    • Made from Durable ABS Material
    • Low Profile - Extremely Versatile

    The Ultimate Combo Rug/Floor Tool is a perfect addition for homes with varying or multi-surfaced floors. High... Learn More

    • 180 Degree Swivel Neck

    • Automatic Change from Floor To Carpet
    • Smooth Dual Wheels & Non-Marking Nozzle

    • 11" wide cleaning Path!

    Stop bending over to switch attachments or flip a switch when you are vacuuming between tile and flooring. Wit... Learn More

    • NEW! Air Driven Rotating Brush
    • Designed for Bare Floors & Low Pile Carpet
    • Works Off Your Vacuum's Suction
    • 11" Wide Cleaning Path

    The Air Driven Brush for Rugs & Bare Floors is a turbine carpet nozzle designed for minimal amount of carpetin... Learn More

    • 180 Degree Swivel Neck

    • Switch To Change From Bare Floors To Carpet
    • Inexpensive & Easy To Use!

    • Convenient 10" wide Design

    The Standard Floor Rug Tool Central Vacuum Accessory is 10" in width and equipped with a manual foot switch to... Learn More

    • 1" Rigid Nylon Bristles for Deep Cleaning
    • 12" Cleaning Path
    • Loosens Deep Down Dirt
    • Will Not Harm Delicate Shag Carpets

    This Central Vacuum Shag Carpet Rake is designed to effectively vacuum and fluff shag and frieze carpets. It f... Learn More

    • Scalloped Carpet & Rug Tool
    • Continuous Air Flow to clean Rugs & Carpets
    • Easy To Attach Friction Fit Design
    • Wide 12" Cleaning Path

    This central vacuum Scalloped Carpet & Rug Tool is the perfect addition to your cleaning accessories, it's ide... Learn More

    • Extra Wide 20" Cleaning Path

    • Ideal For Patios, Garages & Driveways

    • 360° Swivel Neck Design 

    • For Commercial & Household Applications

    The 20" Patio, Garage & Driveway Tool for central vacuums is the perfect tool for cleaning outdoor cement and ... Learn More

  1. The Electrolux Swivel Floor Brush fits standard round 1.25" diameter central vacuum wands and hoses. It features a swivel neck design that easily maneuvers under and around furniture. The stiff bristles gently but thoroughly clean hard surfaces such as hardwood, tile, laminate, c... Learn More

  2. The Electrolux 045915 Rake Floor Brush is designed to effectively vacuum and fluff shag carpets. This central vacuum rake attachment fits standard 1.25" diameter central vacuum wands and hoses. The Electrolux Rake Tool gets deep down into shag carpets, loosens dirt and gives it a... Learn More

  3. The Electrolux Beam 14in Bare Floor Brush is not a universal brush. This bare floor brush is designed to fit Electrolux, Beam, Honeywell and Eureka wands and hoses with the square neck design. If you are unsure if this attachment will fit your wand and hose please call 1.800.322.... Learn More

  4. The Electrolux 14" Bare Floor Brush was designed for the SUMO D-shape (Square Neck) Electrolux Hose and Wands. This 14" wide bare floor brush is an ideal choice for cleaning hardwood floors. Please Note: This is not a universal floor brush and will only fit Electrolux square neck... Learn More


Your Electrolux Built-In Vacuum deserves the best!

Today's homes are tighter and better insulated than ever before, trapping in all dirt and dust particles. Therefore, it's important to get peak overall cleaning performance out of your Electrolux central vacuum unit, and equally important is getting the best quality attachments to compliment it. These determine not only the overall enjoyment of using your Electrolux vacuum but have the greatest impact on the combined cleaning power you should expect from your Electrolux central vacuum system.

Time-Saving Accessories • Clean Air = Clean Home • Improve Indoor Air Quality • 
Save Time • Superior Cleaning • Versatility

The U.S. Protection Agency reveals 6 out of 10 homes are "sick" and are potentially hazardous. Indoor air quality can be up to five times worse than outdoor air. It's a small wonder that respiratory ailments like asthma are at record high levels.

From all carpet types and hard-surface flooring (wood, tile, marble, vinyl) to upholstery and drapery, whole-house cleaning is made easy and convenient with versatile central vacuum accessories. Our high-quality products and accessories are specifically designed for durable, yet lightweight operation, and gentle but thorough cleaning to create the cleanest, healthiest home possible.

Choose from a wide selection of cleaning nozzles to enhance the versatility of your Electrolux central vacuum system, from electric power brushes for deep cleaning on all types of carpeting, to standard central vacuum accessory sets for basic household cleaning, to a wide selection of specialize tools and accessories to make all your cleaning chores easier.

At ThinkVacuums.com, we understand that finding the right central vacuum accessories can make all the difference in your cleaning routine. That's why we've sourced the finest collection of Electrolux Floor Brushes and central vacuum tools, ensuring compatibility and efficiency with your central vacuum system. From tackling the deepest carpet fibers to gently cleaning hardwood floors, our products promise to elevate your cleaning experience. Take advantage of our wide selection and enjoy a cleaner, healthier home with minimal effort. Thank you for choosing ThinkVacuums.com – your ultimate solution for all things central vacuum.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are the Electrolux Floor Brushes compatible with all central vacuum systems?

Yes, our Electrolux Floor Brushes and attachments are designed to be compatible with most major central vacuum systems. This ensures that you can easily integrate our tools with your existing setup without the need for additional adapters or modifications.

How do I know which brush is best for my flooring type?

Our selection includes brushes specifically designed for various types of flooring, from delicate hardwood floors to shaggy carpets. For hardwood, tile, or other bare floors, our Bare Floor Brushes are ideal. For homes with a mix of carpet and bare floors, Bare Floor + Carpet Brushes offer versatility. And for deep cleaning of shaggy or thick carpets, our Carpet Brushes for Shaggy Rugs are the best choice.

Can I purchase accessories separately, or do they only come in kits?

At ThinkVacuums.com, we offer the flexibility to purchase individual accessories or comprehensive kits. This allows you to tailor your cleaning tools to your specific needs, whether you're replacing a single tool or outfitting your central vacuum system with a full set of attachments.

How can I get assistance with choosing the right accessories for my central vacuum system?

Our expert team is always ready to help you select the perfect accessories for your central vacuum system. You can reach out to us via phone, email, or through our website's contact form for personalized assistance and recommendations based on your specific cleaning needs and system requirements.

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