Replacement Motors For Frigidaire Central Vacuums

Replace Your Old Motor

** Important Notice ** We always advise customers to purchase a brand new central vacuum unit with all new parts and warranties to ensure peace of mind

Buy A New Power Unit

Top 10 reasons to replace your
central vacuum unit instead of your motor.
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  1. Frigidaire FGCV315SQ Motor

    SKU: MT:0022-Frigidaire FGCV315SQ

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  2. Frigidaire FGCV319SQ Motor

    SKU: MT:0029-Frigidaire FGCV319SQ

    Was $278.00

    Save $13.00 (5%) through 07/23/2024

    Save: 5%

    On Sale: $265.00
    Save $13.00 through 07/23/2024


    Save: -5%
    FREE Shipping
  3. Frigidaire FCV520S Motor

    SKU: MT:0039-Frigidaire FCV520S

    FREE Shipping
  4. Frigidaire FGCV620SQ Motor

    SKU: MT:0039-Frigidaire FGCV620SQ

    FREE Shipping
  5. Frigidaire FGCV550SQ Motor

    SKU: MT:0028-Frigidaire FGCV550SQ

    FREE Shipping
  6. Frigidaire FCV329GGW Motor

    SKU: MT:0024-Frigidaire FCV329GGW

    FREE Shipping
  7. Frigidaire FCV212S Motor

    SKU: MT:0060-Frigidaire FCV212S

    FREE Shipping
  8. Frigidaire FGCV212SQ Motor

    SKU: MT:0060-Frigidaire FGCV212SQ

    FREE Shipping
  9. Frigidaire FCV4600S Motor

    SKU: MT:0040-Frigidaire FCV4600S

  10. Frigidaire FGCV460SQ Motor

    SKU: MT:0040-Frigidaire FGCV460SQ