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Nutone Central Vacuum VX475The NuTone VX475 Central Vacuums and its parts signify efficiency and convenience in home cleaning. Discover an array of parts and accessories tailored for the NuTone VX475 Central Vacuum System here. This centralized vacuum unit offers homeowners a superior solution to maintain a spotless and healthy living space. The VX475, with its impressive suction power, seamlessly eliminates dirt, dust, and allergens from your floors, carpets, and furniture, promoting a cleaner indoor atmosphere. Its unique oval design facilitates easy integration into any home, and its quiet performance ensures minimal disturbance. Moreover, the NuTone VX475 features a large 6-gallon system, reducing the need for frequent emptying, and comes with a variety of attachments for different cleaning tasks. In essence, the NuTone VX475 Central Vac is an exceptional choice for those desiring a convenient, powerful, and simple home cleaning solution. Click Here to explore more NuTone Central Vacuum Models.

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Nutone Central Vacuums
Experience Superior Cleanliness With The NuTone VX475 Central Vacuum

Enter A Realm Where Every Corner Of Your Home Shines Effortlessly, Where Your Vacuum Not Only Cleans But Enhances Your Living Space. This Is The World Of The NuTone VX475 Central Vacuum, Designed Specifically For Residences With A Focus On Convenience And Improved Suction Power. It's Perfect For Homes Up To 4,000 Square Feet, Thanks To Its Impressive 475 Air-Watts Motor, Encapsulated In A Compact And Quiet Design.

One Of The VX475'S Key Features Is Its Internal Sound Suppression, Which Makes It One Of The Quietest Central Vacuums Available. Say Goodbye To The Disruptive Noise Of Traditional Vacuums, And Hello To A Silent And Effective Cleaning Experience.

But That's Not All. The VX475 Also Includes An EasySnap Bag That Is Conveniently Located Behind A Front-Facing Door. This Makes Replacing The Bag Straightforward. Plus, The Anti Microbial Protection In This Central Vacuum Provides An Added Layer Of Defense Against Bacteria.

Nutone Central Vacuum HomeThe VX475 Doesn't Hold Back On Performance. With An Airflow Of 114 CFM And A Maximum Amperage Of 15 A, It Delivers Powerful Whole House Cleaning. The Vacuum Motor Is Specifically Designed For Deep Cleaning And Outperforms Conventional Vacuums. Its Advanced Filtration System Efficiently Removes Dust From Your Home, While Effectively Keeping Allergens And Bacteria At Bay. With A Suction Power Of 475.000 Max Air Watts And A Waterlift Of 90.000, This Central Vacuum Ensures Thorough Cleaning And A Healthier Living Environment For You And Your Family. No Matter The Size Of Your Home, This Central Vacuum Is Equipped To Meet The Cleaning Requirements.

The VX475 Also Employs A Sleek, Wall-Hugging Design That Easily Blends Into Any Decor. Its Left Or Right-Handed Intake Port Makes Installation A Breeze, Whether You're Installing A New System Or Upgrading An Existing One.

Its Status Light On The Hose Handle And Power Unit Remotely Indicates When The Bag Or Pail Is Full And Needs To Be Emptied. Equipped With A State-Of-The-Art Filtration System, The VX475 Can Exhaust Dust To The Exterior Of Your Home, Keeping Allergens And Bacteria At Bay.

So Why Wait? Step Up Your Home Cleaning Game With The NuTone VX475 Central Vacuum. After All, Cleanliness Isn't Just About Eliminating Dust And Dirt; It's About Enhancing Your Living Experience.

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