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OVO Central Vacuums

Is your OVO central vacuum system not performing at it optimal performance? Is your OVO losing suction power? We have you covered. We carry a large variety of central vacuum brands and models for homes. Check out our central vacuum recommendationsThinkvacuums also carries many compatible parts and accessories for your existing OVO central vacuum including attachment kits, motor, hoses, bags, and more.


About OVO Central Vacuums

OVO is a new company owned by Nadair. For 35 years they have manufactured ceiling fans, lighting, and vacuums. As their product assortment grew Nadair started OVO to bring consumers with a simple more affordable lineup of central vacuum that stands up to Nadair uncompromising quality standard. OVO central vacuums come equipped with noise-reducing foam material along with powerful motors that ensure thorough and efficient cleaning of your home. The motors in OVO central vacuums feature the soft-start technology that lasts 20% longer than other central vacuum systems in the market today. Bringing exceptional performance power and peace of mind.
OVO central vacuum improves air quality in your home. With 99.97% High-Efficiency Filtration that reduce allergy and asthma symptoms.

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