Parts & Accessories For Electrolux Central Vacuums

Electrolux has stopped making central vacuums forever!!!
As of October, 2018, Electrolux has sold off its U.S.based central vacuum cleaner Division.

The Best central vacuums today are DrainVac & Purvac

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Established in 1901, Electrolux has been manufacturing vacuums for over a century. Their first vacuum cleaner was created in 1912. Today, Electrolux is a multinational company with an extensive history in the vacuum industry. We sell Electrolux vacuum parts, accessories, and tools.

Vacuuming Luxury with Electrolux Central Vacuums

There appears to be an unwritten law according to which all high-quality things must be expensive too, otherwise, they are regarded as second-hand products. Fortunately, some manufacturers have learned that this is no way to increase their sales, so they tried their best to increase the quality of their products while lowering the prices. Electrolux is one of these manufacturers, their Electrolux central vacuum cleaners performing impeccably while being sold for reasonable prices. This is also the hallmark of Electrolux central vacuums.

The age of a company also has a great influence on its sales numbers in that the older the company, the larger the sales number. Electrolux is quite privileged from this point of view because it feels as if they had been operating on the market ever since the age of dinosaurs. Well, their vacuum cleaners may be real dinosaurs from a quality standpoint, but they are only a few decades old. However, that appears to be enough for American vacuum users. 

Electrolux central vacuums are also lined up to the company’s philosophy. They are also available for competitive prices but do not make any compromises when it comes to their efficiency. These vacuums can be used both in new homes and in existing ones. All you need is an inlet on every floor to be able to install the appliance and a PVC pipe to make the connection between the hose and the power unit. Most people choose to mount their power unit in the garage or in other such isolated areas. Once you plug in the hose, all the polluted air the vacuum cleaner pulls in is transported to the Electrolux bags and filters through the PVC pipe.

As you can imagine, the efficiency of a central vacuum cleaner is higher than that of a conventional vacuum, mainly because the motor produces more power. It is also larger, so, practically, this is one of the domains where the size matters. These central vacuum cleaners are among the most powerful on the market, so they are quite big in a figurative way, too. And then, there are the attachments, which have no difficulties removing any kind of dirt or dust. Their powerheads, whose activity is sustained by separate motors, are ideal tools to use on carpets. Electrolux electric powerheads also have their little helpers (Electrolux vacuum parts), like upholstery tools, dusting tools, brushes for cleaning tile or hardwood floors, power nozzle's, crevice tools and so on.

There are a number of advantages you get as users of Electrolux central vacuums. The list starts with being spared the trouble of dragging the appliance everywhere when you clean your house and continues with the fact that you can actually increase its value. Of course, there is no need to mention the health benefits of using these central vacuums. So there are plenty of reasons why you should consider these home appliances for floor care and cleaning up pet hair or what not. However, you know what they say, you won’t know until you’ve tried it. The same goes here. You will not be aware of all the benefits of using Electrolux central vacuums until you have tried them. We even offer Electrolux central vacuum filters, bags, etc. If you are in need of a Electrolux central vacuum filter or Electrolux Central Vacuum Repair, give us a call today!