Cleaning Items

Cleaning Items

Central Vacuum Cleaning Accessories

Central Vacuum Cleaning Accessories

Preventative maintenance is imperative in order to keep your central vacuum system functioning properly. We provide easy to use products to not only clean but help maintain your in home vacuum. We provide deodorizers to help keep your central vacuum smelling fresh and eliminating odors to vacuum system cleaning products, to keep your plumbed lines clear from obstructions. If you have any questions on how to properly maintain your central vacuum please you can contact us for professional advice. If you have any questions about mufflers or exhausting your central vac please call us for assistance.

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    • A Must Have For Maintaining Your Central Vacuum System 

    • Removes Dirt & Debris Form Your Central Vacuum Pipes

    • Works With All Central Vacuums

    • Reusable 

    FlipBUS are reusable cleaning balls for your central vacuum piping system. Simply send them through your centr... Learn More

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    • For Cleaning or Unclogging Your Central Vacuum Hose 

    • Prevents Odors, Mildew, & Future Clogs

    • Safe To Use In Central Vacuum Automatic Dustpans

    • Most Effective Way To Clean & Maintain Your Central Vacuum System

    Tornado Power Central Vacuum Maintenance Cloths prevent odors, mildew and future clogs. These cloths are the u... Learn More

    Was $29.95

    Save: 17%

    Save $5.00 (17%) through 04/16/2024

    Save: 17%

    On Sale: $24.95

    Save $5.00 through 04/16/2024

    Price $24.95

    • Eliminate Odors & Freshen Carpets

    • Environmentally Friendly & Non Toxic

    • Safe For ALL Vacuums 

    • Fresh Clean Scent

    Fresh Spring Clean Vacuum and Carpet Deodorizer & Freshener is great for carpets, central vacuums, traditional... Learn More

    • Get Rid Of Unwanted Smells While Vacuuming

    • Place In Vacuum Bag Before Vacuuming

    • Fresh Clean Scent Will Release Into The AIr 

    Get rid of unwanted smells from your vacuum cleaner using Scent Tablets today! Simply add to your vacuum bag o... Learn More