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Sanitaire Canister Vacuums

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Sanitaire offers a range of commercial canister vacuums; these vacuums all offer increased portability and maneuverability to complete any job. They are equipped with tools for detailed cleaning of various types of surfaces, whether hard surfaces or carpet; a two-piece plastic extension wands for above-floor applications; upholstery tool, crevice tool, and dusting brush.

Lightweight and easy to move around your cleaning area; these powerful Sanitaire Commercial Canisters offer a shoulder strap for added maneuverability; except for the SC3700A model that offers a large capacity high-hat design with a 3.88-quart bag for increased productivity. There are also various added features to each model. For more details, email, chat or call 1-800-322-2965 and one of our vacuum experts will be happy to assist you.

List of the Best Sanitaire Canister Vacuums

Imidazolidinyl Urea

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    • Premium Allergen Filtration
    • Shoulder Strap For Easy Carrying
    • Includes a Variety of Cleaning Tools
    • Long 20' Power Cord

    The Sanitaire SC3687A is an ultra lightweight canister vacuum that offers exceptional portability and maneuver... Learn More

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    • 100 Air Watts, 65 CFM Airflow, 68dB, 9 Amps
    • High Allergen Filtration
    • Extra Long 32' Power Cord
    • Uses Disposable Dust Bags

    The Sanitaire EXTEND SC3700 is for Dry Use Only! Sanitaire's new canister is compact, powerful, and perfect fo... Learn More

    Was $292.99

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    Save $83.00 (28%) through 04/23/2024

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    Price $209.99

    • 1200 Air Watts, 135 CFM Airflow, 10 Amps, 71dB
    • Ideal for Commercial and Residential Use
    • Allergen Filtration (HEPA Filter Available)
    • Ultra Lightweight, 10 Lbs

    The Sanitaire EXTEND SC3683, also known as the Mighty Mite, is a commercial-grade canister vacuum from Sanita... Learn More

    Was $191.99

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    Price $147.99

    • 12 Amps, 135 CFM, 71dB
    • Allergen Filtration System
    • Automatic Height Adjustment
    • On-Board Cleaning Attachments

    The Sanitaire MightyMite is extremely powerful yet versatile to tackle any job. It is ideal for quick and effi... Learn More

    Was $195.00

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    Save $46.00 (24%) through 04/23/2024

    Save: 24%

    On Sale: $149.00

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    Price $149.00

    • 1200 Watt, 12 Amp Motor, 135 CFM Airflow, 71dB
    • Lightweight, Weighs less than 9 Lbs
    • HEPA Filter Available for This Model
    • Built-in Blower Port

    The Eureka /Electrolux MightyMite Plus Package is extremely powerful yet versatile to tackle any job. It is id... Learn More

    • 1400 Watts, 12 Amps
    • Automatic Cord Rewind
    • Integrated On-Board Tools
    • HEPA Filtration System

    Sanitaire SP7025 Precision Canister was aerodynamically engineered to give you tighter and quieter constructio... Learn More

    • 1200 Watts, 110 Waterlift, 8.5 Amps, 67dB, 120 Volts
    • High-Filtration Paper Bag System
    • 38ft Cord For A Greater Cleaning Radius
    • Ideal For Commercial and Residential Use

    New Commercial Canister Vacuum is For Dry Use Only. Practically indestructible. Commercial cleaning attachment... Learn More

    • 135 CFM, 12 Amps, 100 Watts, 71dB
    • HEPA Filtration
    • On-Board Tools
    • 7 Ft Commercial Hose

    The Sanitaire MightyMite S3686 Pro is extremely powerful yet versatile to tackle any job. It is ideal for quic... Learn More

Sanitaire Canisters and Specialty Vacuum Benefits & Additional Information 

Recently, the Sanitaire brand was rated #1 in quality, value, and ease of maintenance. Every Sanitaire vacuum is backed by a network of over 1,500 service centers across the United States.

Every Sanitaire machine is backed by a network of over 1,500 service centers across the United States! Sanitaire knows the unique cleaning challenges faced by building service contractors - because we asked them! We regularly conduct research with end-users, equipment decision-makers, and distributors to find out what they need most in a commercial machine. That's why our full line of durable, hardworking machines are engineered with a wide range of features designed to simplify maintenance, lower operating costs and reduce downtime. From our all-new cutting-edge DuraLux dual-motor vacuum to our heavy-duty stain extractors and air movers, every Sanitaire machine is designed for high performance and long life.

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