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Largest Authorized DrainVac Internet dealer in the USA.  Drainvac is considered the top-performing company that manufactures and provides central vacuum power units. Drainvac leads the industry in high suction power, ease of use, reliability, and extremely quiet operation.  WORLD'S BEST CENTRAL VACUUMS.

Drainvac offers a large selection of products for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Drainvac models can be compact or large capacity, with a bag or bagless options, along with conventional use or designs for picking up liquids. There is a Drainvac central vacuum system for tackling all cleaning tasks at hand.

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DrainVac - Best Bang For Your Buck

Drainvac, The Best Choice For...

  • Performance - With optimal suction power, you will never have to vacuum the same area twice or leave dust, dirt, and other allergens behind. 
  • Lowest Noise Level - With above-average soundproofing and a variety of muffler options, Drainvac Central Vacuums will always offer the lowest noise level. These systems are designed to be installed in a space that is far from the living areas of your home. 
  • Innovation - Drainvac offers systems that have the ability to vacuum both liquid and solids or an automatic central system that connects to the drain that requires virtually no maintenance. These central vacuums are all backed by over 25 years of development and innovation. You can't go wrong with a Drainvac Central Vacuum no matter which unit you choose. 
  • Savings - Drainvac Central Vacuum Systems are a smart investment and adds value to any home. Not to mention they save time and energy. Simply plug a central vacuum hose into an inlet and go. 
  • Trustworthiness - Drainvac products are designed to meet stringent requirements of the commercial and industrial sectors. The application of their technologies for domestic use is your guarantee of satisfaction for years to come. The performance and reliability of Drainvac systems are recognized worldwide. This is why Drainvac systems are backed with a solid warranty. Most of Drainvac system components are designed by Drainvac and are made to measure in Canada to meet the highest of standards of durability and quality. 

History of DrainVac

Drainvac USA & Drainvac International is the result of years of experience and inventiveness. It all began with Conrad Sevigny's carpet cleaning service. As he worked, Sevigny's clients observed that the extracted soiled water was being directed to a tank, which had to be emptied each time it was full. They wondered if there might be an easier way to get the job done. Sevigny started working on his prototypical carpet-cleaning water extractor, which first saw the light in 1982. It was built with patented automatic drain technology. The process was easy; place the extractor tank on the top of a toilet bowl and attach the hose to a nearby tap. The soiled water from the carper is directed to the tank. Once the tank is full, the water is automatically flushed into the sewer system. Then, the extractor restarts itself to continue cleaning the carpet. The whole process was much simpler and much quicker. When Conrad Sevigny founded Drainvac in 1982, the little family business in St. Hyacinthe, Canada, quickly turned into the thriving enterprise that it is today. A leader in its field, Drainvac International Inc. boasts numerous retailers in North America and an impressive distribution network in over 20 countries worldwide.

DrainVac Mission Statement

Drainvac's mission is to provide excellent service to its customers, to deliver excellent products to its distributors and retailers, and to break new ground in vacuum cleaner technology. As well, Drainvac aims to offer ideal working conditions for its employees.

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