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Nutone Central Vacuum CV850The NuTone CV850 Central Vacuum and associated parts represent the pinnacle of vacuuming convenience and efficiency within the NuTone Advantage Series. Here, you will find all the required parts and accessories for the NuTone CV850 Central Vac. The NuTone CV850, built for homes up to 12,000 sq ft, offers users an unparalleled cleaning solution with its impressive 890 Air Watts, 138 Waterlift, and 195 CFM performance. Its bagged system with disposable allergen dust bags efficiently traps dust and allergens, promoting a healthier indoor environment. The CV850 also features a large 8-gallon dirt capacity and a convenient bag full indicator light, minimizing the need for frequent maintenance. This model, UL listed for its quality and safety, combines a sleek design and quiet operation, seamlessly integrating into your home or business without causing disturbance. In summary, the NuTone CV850 Central Vac is an exceptional choice for those seeking a convenient, high-performance, and easy-to-maintain vacuuming solution. Click Here to view more NuTone Central Vacuum Models.

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NuTone CV850 Central Vacuum System: Unmatched Cleaning Power and Versatility

Allow Us To Transport You Back In Time To A Period When Cleaning Your Home Was Not Only A Dreaded Chore But Also An Exhausting Endeavor. Picture Yourself In An Era Before The Groundbreaking NuTone CV850 Central Vacuum System Revolutionized The Game, Becoming Our Trusted And Dependable Ally In The Never-Ending Battle Against Dirt And Dust. With Its Superior Performance And Cutting-Edge Technology, This Powerhouse Operates At 220/240 Volts, Delivering An Impressive 890 Air Watts, 138 Waterlift, And 195 CFM. It's Specifically Designed For Homes Up To 12,000 Sq Ft, Ensuring Efficient Cleaning Throughout Every Nook And Cranny. Equipped With A Bagged System Featuring Disposable Allergen Dust Bags And An Ample 8-Gallon Dirt Capacity, This UL-Listed Vacuum Guarantees A Thorough And Hygienic Cleaning Experience. The NuTone CV850 Is Proudly Part Of NuTone's Esteemed Advantage Series, Which Also Includes The CV750 And CV653 Models, Offering A Range Of Options To Suit Various Cleaning Needs.

More about the NuTone CV850W Central Vacuum 

In The Quest For The Perfect Vacuuming Solution For Either Residential Or Light Commercial Usage, The NuTone CV850 Is Your Reliable Choice. This Model Is The Pinnacle Of The Advantage Series, Outperforming Its Series Predecessors With A Superior Ability To Clean Surfaces Of Up To 12,000 Square Feet. It Achieves This Feat Silently, With A Noise Level Of Only 70.5 Decibels And A Power Value Of 424 At The Tank. These Exceptional Performances Are Largely Due To The Appliance's Dual Three-Stage Bypass Motors, Which Produce A Forceful 4 HP.

The NuTone CV850 Uses A Dual Filtration System, With Replaceable Bags For Primary Filtration And A Second Filter As A Motor Protector. The Dust Storage Capacity Is A Standout Feature, Capable Of Trapping Up To Eight Gallons Of Impurities. These Impressive Specifications, Along With Its Robust Steel Housing Coated With Highly Wear-Resistant White Polyester, Make The CV850 A Lasting And Resilient Cleaning Solution.

NuTone Is Revered For Creating User-Friendly Products, Epitomized In The CV850'S LED Indicators, Switch Controls, And Low-Voltage Controls. With A Standard Two-Year Warranty Covering All Parts And Units, You Can Have Complete Confidence In The Quality Of This Product. In Conclusion, The UL Listed NuTone CV850 Is A High-Quality Vacuum That Is Suitable For Both Residential And Commercial Locations Covering Surfaces Between 0 And 12,000 Square Feet.

Trust the NuTone CV850 Central Vacuum System to fulfill your vacuuming needs. As the ultimate model in NuTone's Advantage Series, it offers superior cleaning prowess and versatility.

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