Wessel Werk Floor Performance Products

Who is Wessel Werk?

Wessel-Werk was founded in 1931 by Hans Wessel for the production of brushes and cleaning accessories. They specialize in solely in the production of vacuum cleaner accessories. The medium sized company that is located in North Rhine-Westphalian Reichshof-Wildgergerhutte just east of Cologne. Wessel-Werk has produced and developed central vacuum nozzles and accessories for more than 50 years! Their products range from standard floor brushes, to turbo nozzles, and electric powerheads. These products are are energy efficient, multifunctional and are used in commercial, residential, and industrial applications. In addition Wessel-Werk offers tailor made soltions every cleaning need or vacuum specific requirments. Wessel-Werks exclusive products are tailored to the individual needs of their customers. 

Wessel Werk Products

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Wessel Werk Attachment Kits

Wessel-Werk offers a large variety of central vacuum attachment kits for all types of flooring. Whether you have hard floors, carpets, rugs, and even soft carpet that requires special attention Wessel-Werk has got you covered. These attachment kits come complete with Wessel-Werk cleaning nozzles and accessories along with a central vacuum hoses in a variety of sizes.  

Wessel Werk Electric Powerheads / Electro Brushes

Wessel-Werk Electro Brushes also known as electric powerheads are extremely efficient, that is why so many people use them in commercial and residential environments. These Electroc Brushes are independent from the central vacuum air flow and is driven by central vacuums electrical connection always providing optimal performance. The electrical connection for these electric powerheads are available in corded or direct connection. 

Wessel Werk Turbo Powerheads / Air Driven Powerheads

Wessel-Werk Turbo Brushes are designed to receive outstanding cleaning results on carpets. These Wessel-Werk Turbo Powerheads and nozzles are guarantees the deepest clean. In compression to standard turbo brushes, Wessel-Werks Air driven nozzles feature rotating brush roller with double V bristles, driven by the central vacuums air flow. The brush roller rotates agitating dirt, pet hair, and other debris from the carpet and is then sucked of the the central vacuum. All Wessel-Werk turbo brushes are energy efficient and can precisely be adjusted to optimize cleaning performance. 

Wessel Werk Standard Nozzles

Wessel-Werk offers a huge selection of standard floor nozzles. These nozzles are solutions for entry level, design, high-performance cleaning and are an extremely energy efficient fulfilling the need of the EU energy label for central vacuum systems. Wessel-Werk standard nozzles can be used on both hard floors and carpets. 

Wessel Werk Hard Floor Brushes

Wessel-Werk offers tailored brushes for any hard floor cleaning demand. For instance the Wessel-Werk Parquet Brush is designed for the delicate hard floors, this brush will not scratch or damage delicate flooring. Wessel-Werk hard floor brushes are convenient, easy to use, and easy to clean. Wessel-Werk hard floor brush offers high quality and are comfortable to use in everyday cleaning applications.

Wessel Werk Rollers, Belts, Bumpers, and More

Wessel-Werk sets the highest possible quality standard in their products. To keep your Wessel-Werk nozzles and powerheads working it s best, it is important to check brush roller and belts regularly and keep them free of dirt, hair, and other debris that can be picked up. Here you will find everything you need to keep your Wessel-Werk powerheads and nozzles working at peak performance. 



Wessel Werk Quality

The highest quality standards ensure a product’s success. Our consistent quality strategy is marked by ongoing optimization.

Individual quality controls are performed at all levels of development and production to guarantee Wessel∙Werk quality everywhere in the world. High process assurance is the consequence of comprehensive automation in production. Material testing steps such as high-voltage, function, rotation, noise, and vibration tests are integrated.

Ongoing tests on test stands monitor product function and performance along the entire line. An independent special machine construction guarantees the highest quality results in difficult sections of mass production.