Hose Storage

Hose Storage

Central Vacuum Hose Storage & Hose Hangers

Central Vacuum Hose Storage & Hose HangersCentral Vacuum Hose and Tool Storage/Hangers are a convenient way to neatly store a central vacuum hose and all your central tools/accessories when not in use. They can easily be stored or hung in a closet or garage. We carry a variety of hangers, storage bags, and tool caddy's. These central vacuum products are designed to work with all central vacuum brands. 

Important Notice: It is recommended flushing your central vacuum hose and pipes with Tornado Cloths or the FlipBus Reusable Cleaning Balls. These keep your central vacuum hoses and pipes clear of debris and maintains maximum suction power from your central vacuum system. 

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    • For Cleaning or Unclogging Your Central Vacuum Hose 

    • Prevents Odors, Mildew, & Future Clogs

    • Safe To Use In Central Vacuum Automatic Dustpans

    • Most Effective Way To Clean & Maintain Your Central Vacuum System

    Tornado Power Central Vacuum Maintenance Cloths prevent odors, mildew and future clogs. These cloths are the u... Learn More

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    On Sale: $24.95

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    • A Must Have For Maintaining Your Central Vacuum System 

    • Removes Dirt & Debris Form Your Central Vacuum Pipes

    • Works With All Central Vacuums

    • Reusable 

    FlipBUS are reusable cleaning balls for your central vacuum piping system. Simply send them through your centr... Learn More

    Was $62.75

    Save: 20%

    Save $12.80 (20%) through 04/16/2024

    Save: 20%

    On Sale: $49.95

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    Price $49.95

    • Keeps Your Hose Secure & Neat 

    • Adjusts For All Hose Lengths 

    • Secures Your Wand & Floor Nozzle Al In On Place 

    • Break Action Top Hanger Allows For Easy Hose Removal 

    The New and Improved SociT Vacaddy 2.0 Hose Storage & Organizer neatly stores 30', 35' and 50' hoses and attac... Learn More

    • Makes Carrying & Storing A Hose Easy

    • Works With Any Style/Brand Hose 

    • Adjustable, Heavy Duty Material

    • Holds Up To A 50 Ft Hose 

    This Hose Hugger makes carrying and storing your central vacuum hose a breeze. It can hold up to 50 FT. Learn More

    Was $24.95

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    Save $5.00 (20%) through 04/16/2024

    Save: 20%

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    • Holds 2 Wands & Up To 45 Attachments

    • Easy Carrying Handle

    • Durable, Long Lasting Vinyl

    • Easily Stores On Any Hose Hanger

    This convenient tool caddy holds (2) Wands and up to (5) tools. The reinforced vinyl bag is perfect for your c... Learn More

    • Conveniently Store Your Central Vacuum Hose

    • Durable Metal Wire

    • Easily Installs On Any Wall 

    • Holds Up To 35 Ft Hose 

    This metal wire central vacuum hose hanger holds up 35ft of hose. ( Mounting screws are not included ) Learn More

    • Durable Wire Central Vacuum Tool & Accessory Hanger

    • Stores All Your Tools & Hose Neatly & Conveniently In One Place 

    • Holds Up To 5 Attachments & Up To 40 Ft Hose

    The Drainvac Tool and Accessory Hanger holds central vacuum tools & accessories neatly and conveniently in one... Learn More

    Was $79.95

    Save: 13%

    Save $10.00 (13%) through 04/16/2024

    Save: 13%

    On Sale: $69.95

    Save $10.00 through 04/16/2024

    Price $69.95

    • Keeps Hose Neat, Organized, & Free Of Kinks

    • Mounts Easily To Any Wall 

    • Stores Up To A 35 Ft Hose

    • (Mounting Screws Not Included)

    This alternative model of hose hanger allows you to keep your closets, hallways, and garage organized. Easy to... Learn More

    • Stores Central Vacuum Hose & Attachments

    • Easily Mounts To A Wall 

    • Stores Hose Size Up To 50 Ft 

    • (Mounting Screws Not Included)

    This is a wired hose and attachment storage hanger. Perfect for storing not only your central vacuum hose, but... Learn More

    • Keeps Hose Neat, Organized, & Free Of Kinks

    • Mounts Easily To Any Wall

    • Stores Up To A 35 Ft Hose 

    • (Mounting Screws Not Included)

    This hose hanger will keep your central vacuum hose neat , organized and free of kinks. Conveniently mounts to... Learn More

    • For Use With Vacuflo VacPac Tool Caddy 8725-01

    The Vacuflo 9274 VacPac Wire Holder is the perfect way to store your VacPac Bag Caddy part# 8725-01. It is eas... Learn More

    • Holds Your Central Vacuum Hose & Attachments 

    • Deluxe, Compact, Durable Wire Rack

    • Easily Hangs On Any Door 

    • Keeps Your Central Vacuum Accessories Neat & Organized

    The Vacuflo 7609-G deluxe compact wire tool rack conveniently holds all your central vacuum tools in one place... Learn More

    • Caddy Bag Holds All Your Central Vacuum Tools

    • Convenient Shoulder Strap For Easy Carrying & Access

    • Durable, Long Lasting Material 

    The Vacuflo 8725-01 VacPac Bag is a convenient caddy bag that holds all of your central vacuum tools. It has a... Learn More

    • Neat & Convenient Hose Storage

    • Helps Eliminate Kinks

    • Holds Up To a 50 ft Hose

    • Helps Eliminate Kinks

    This hose hanger allows you to keep you central vacuum hose organized and free of kinks. The hanger is made of... Learn More