Sanitaire Carpet Extractors

Sanitaire Carpet Extractors

Sanitaire Commercial Carpet Extractors

We offer a carpet cleaner for any commercial grade job you will encounter. Spot Cleaning or Wide Area Carpet cleaning are easily tackled with these Sanitaire extractors. These top-quality Sanitaire carpet cleaners offer spot cleaning and wide-angle cleaning to cover any possible situation. With a 1.5 gallon tank of solution cleaner, the spot cleaner is ideal for quick clean-up of spills. You can clean any size room with the powerful canister cleaner's 12-inch cleaning wand and 9-gallon capacity. The self-contained upright cleaner can clean the dirtiest carpets with its combination of motorized scrub brushes and powerful suction. All units are UL listed and have detachable power cords.


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  1. The Sanitaire RESTORE SC6085 is a big-wheel portable 10-gallon carpet extractor with a 12-amp 2-stage motor that offers 150 inches of water lift. Combined with its 12-inch single jet wand, 15-foot hose, and 100 PSI of water pressure, the Sanitaire RESTORE SC6085 carpet extractor ... Learn More

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  2. The Sanitaire RESTORE SC6075 is built to quickly clean up spots on stairs, carpets, upholstery, cars, and more. This 22 lb unit has a powerful 9 amp motor with 2 stages. The compact Sanitaire RESTORE SC6075 features removable solution and recovery tanks with 58 PSI solution pump... Learn More

  3. Sanitaire SC6092 Carpet Extractor Power: 1.2 hp Water Lift: 92" Pump: Solenoid Dust Capacity: 3 Gallons Cleaning Path: 12" Color: Rich Red & Dark Grey Warranty: 1 Year Weight: 50 lbs Learn More

  4. The Sanitaire RESTORE SC6095 is a self-contained 9-gallon extractor with a 15-amp 3-stage motor that offers 120 inches of water lift. The SC6095 is designed for easy operation, with a walk-behind upright design, this extractor helps clean A LOT of carpets easily with a large 18" ... Learn More

  5. The Sanitaire RESTORE SC6088 Commercial Carpet Extractor is easy to use even for beginners. This machine has a built-in handle and 10-inch wheels, making it easy to maneuver around different surfaces including staircases. The Sanitaire SC6088 is the ultimate big wheel portable 10... Learn More

  6. Sanitaire SC6080A Carpet Extractor Motor Amps: 12 Water Lift: 137 Pump: 150 PSI Dust Capacity: 1.5 Gallons Water Capacity: 9 Gallons Color: Rich Red & Dark Grey Warranty: 1 Year Weight: 110 lbs Learn More

Commercial Extractor Benefits & Additional Information 

All those operating on any kind of sales market must focus on one main thing in order to be successful – the customer. The customer decides who is successful in sales and who is not. Sanitaire learned this philosophy over the years and manufactures all their appliances with the average customer in their mind. In sales, success is all about a wide range of options, so Sanitaire has focused their attention on manufacturing appliances that can deliver the best result in all cleaning areas from spots to wide surfaces and introduced the highly performing Sanitaire carpet extractors.

The five Sanitaire carpet extractors, namely the SC6075A extractor, the SC6085B extractor, the SC6088B heated extractor, the SC6092A extractor, and the SC6095A extractor, are all unbeatable, so they deserve to be used in places where the hygiene standards are the highest. These include clinics and hospitals, hotels and motels, business offices and buildings. Coming back to the issue of variety, the carpet extractors excel in different types of cleaning jobs. One of them is the perfect appliance for cleaning spots, one is fitting for small, medium-sized and large rooms, one for a deep heated clean, and one is the best solution for reaching into the deepest layers of carpets.

The carpet extractors offered by Sanitaire would probably not be as highly appreciated as they are right now if it were not for their powerful motors and the associated pumps. The simplest of them produces 9 amps of suction power and reaches a pump pressure level of 58 PSI while the most advanced produces 15 amps more and reaches a pump pressure level of 100 PSI. Everything that is foreign in the air is contained in dust bags which can hold up to 9 gallons of dust. The smallest dust bag fitted on these extractors has a storage capacity of 1.5 gallons.

However, the motor does not do all the extracting on its own. It is also helped by different accessories, which are very practical in this case and also of the best quality. Practicality means mobility, among others, so the Sanitaire carpet extractors feature 25-foot up to 50-foot long power cords as well as 8-foot up to 15-foot long hoses and 3-inch up to 12-inch wands, depending on the product. The 3-inch wand is recommended for cleaning upholstery while the 12-inch one is more suitable for single jet cleaning. However, the SC6095 model mentioned earlier does not come with an included wand, but with a Chevron brush roll which can clean 18 inches of the surface around itself.

The attractiveness of Sanitaire carpet extractors does not lie only in the many amps they produce or the large cleaning radius, but also in their one-year warranties, which apply to all their parts as well as to their labor. Sanitaire stirs the interest of customers through the particular orientation toward them and the variety of cleaning jobs that need to be done. Thus, they manage to meet the standards set by even the most pretentious customers operating in the commercial environment.

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