Beam Electric Powerheads

Beam Electric Powerheads

Electric Powerheads For Beam Central Vacuums

What is the Best Power Nozzle or Powerhead for your   Central Vacuum?

Next to choosing your Central Vacuum unit, the electric powerhead for your   built-in vacuum, is the single most important contributor to the actual performance of your   Vacuum.  The Highest Quality German Made Sebo Pro ET-1 and Sebo Pro ET-2 are the best in the industry. PERIOD. 

Sebo Powerheads are considered the “Ferrari” of central vacuum powerheads ranking highest in performance, deep cleaning, ease of use, and with the fewest repairs. When attached to your   central vacuum, the Sebo Pro works on low, medium, or deep pile carpet and can easily transition to bare floors with the flip of a switch.

Remember the old saying “you get what you pay for”. If you are budget conscious, but still look for quality, we recommend The Deluxe Comet, The Premium Champion, or the Wessel-Werk powerheads.

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Worlds Best Central Vacuum Powerhead

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    • Rated Best In The Industry
    • Engineered & Built in Germany

    • Exclusive TV 15 Year Warranty

    • Wide 12.5" Cleaning PathMade In Germany

    Made in Germany, SEBO is recognized worldwide as the most reliable and best-designed powerheads on the market.... Learn More

    From $329.00

    To $387.95

    • 2023 Best Selling Powerhead
    • Engineered & Built in Germany

    • Exclusive TV 15 Year Warranty

    • Extra-Wide 15" Cleaning PathMade In Germany

    Colors Available: White and Black. The SEBO ET-2 powerhead cleans most types of flooring, it's excellent for p... Learn More

    From $339.00

    To $397.95

    • Consumers Choice for Pet Hair
    • Lightweight & Ultra-Powerful
    • Quietest And Smoothest Operation
    • Average Life Span of 15 Years

    Premium Champion Electric Power-head with 14-inch cleaning path, 6-floor height settings, swivel neck, headlig... Learn More

    As low as $249.00

    • "Best Bang For Your Buck"
    • 2-Year Motor Warranty
    • Automatic Height Adjustment
    • New Model, More Suction

    The new generation of powerheads coming out of Asia is very impressive. The New Spirit (in Natural White) cent... Learn More

    From $169.95

    To $189.95

    • Self Adjusting Height Control 

    • Incandescent Headlight 

    • Soft Wheels For Easy Maneuverability

    • Wood Brush Roller with Flat Belt Design 

    The Beam Classic II Electric Powerhead is ideal for carpet and is suitable to use with a wide variety of centr... Learn More

    • Made In Mexico/China

    • New Low-Profile Design

    • Edge-Cleaning, Metal Brush Roller
    • Color: Warm Gray

    Made in China/Mexico, the Beam Rugmaster/Sweep-n-Groom is an electric Powerhead that has a 12.5" cleaning path... Learn More

    Was $154.90

    Save: 16%

    Save $25.00 (16%) through 04/16/2024

    Save: 16%

    On Sale: $129.90

    Save $25.00 through 04/16/2024

    Price $129.90

    • New and Improved 2021 Model

    • Wand Quick Release Pedal 

    • 3-Position Carpet Height Adjustment

    • Swivel Neck Design For Easy Maneuverability

    The Beam Q200 Electric Powerhead 045071 is a high-quality power nozzle offered by Beam. The Q stands for quiet... Learn More

    • Can Only Be Used With Beam Square Neck Wands

    • 3-Level Height Adjustment with Height Indicator Light

    • Automatic Safety Shut Off 

    • Dual Edge Cleaning 

    The Beam Q100 Electric Powerhead is the quietest electric powerhead available from Beam. The Beam Q100 feature... Learn More

    Was $339.00

    Save: 14%

    Save $47.00 (14%) through 04/16/2024

    Save: 14%

    On Sale: $292.00

    Save $47.00 through 04/16/2024

    Price $292.00

    out of stock
    • Easy Access Brush Roller

    • Beam Alliance Neck with Quick Release

    • Ultra Bright Headlight

    • For Use on All Types of Carpets (Excluding Plush)

    The Beam Alliance Solaire 045072 Electric Powerhead features a cogged belt and an Alliance neck with quick rel... Learn More

    • Bright LED Headlight

    • Automatic Height Adjustment

    • Quick Disconnect Feature

    • Works With Round Neck Wands

    The Beam Solaire Powerhead is an electric powerhead that was designed to work with 1.25" diameter wands. This ... Learn More

    • 4-Level Height Adjustment 

    • Ideal For Use On Soft Carpets

    • Bright LED Display and Headlight 

    • Dual Edge Cleaning 

    The Beam Precision 0450309 Electric Powerhead is a lightweight, maneuverable, and is ideal for the newer Ultra... Learn More

Learn more about Electric Powerheads and their benefits 

Nonrestrictive airflow allows the Brush Rollers in electric powerheads to spin at much faster RPMs. This also prevents “dust bunnies” from escaping the path of the nozzle and forces them into the Central Vacuum. Nonrestrictive airflow in electric powered heads creates better suction for optimal deep cleaning and the removal of dirt, debris, and dust mites.

Edge cleaning is another plus when choosing an electric powerhead. Edge cleaning grooms carpeting closer to baseboards and a low-profile design helps the head maneuver under and around furniture, chairs, beds, kickboards, and more.

precision german motors for electric powerheadsA wider cleaning path is important when choosing an electric powerhead. Wider electric nozzles cover larger surface areas. To greatly reduce your cleaning time, consider purchasing extra Adjustable Telescopic Wands. Adjustable wands allow you to choose a comfortable cleaning position by simply adjusting the height or length of the wand.

The best way to preserve carpet is by removing dirt and debris that tend to break down carpet fibers. The more you remove – the less wear and tear and buildup of dirt particles that destroy carpeting occur. Must-Have Protective Cover: To improve the protection of not only your carpeting but furniture as well, purchase a VacuBumper™. This protective cloth wraps any abrasive areas of your electric powerhead and prevents chips, dings, and scratches of both head and furniture.


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