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Dyson Vacuum Filters

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Dyson Vacuum Cleaners may include one or more filters. It is recommended washing or replacing your Dyson’s filter at least every 6 months to ensure your vacuum stays at maximum operating efficiency. If the filter is washable, it is important to let the filter dry for 24 hours before reinserting it back into the vacuum. Always be sure to have a spare filter on hand.

Thinkvacuums offers just about every type of filter necessary for your Dyson vacuum. Always make sure to check your vacuum's manual for complete instructions for Dyson filter care. If you have any questions please call 1-800-322-2965 and one of our Dyson experts will be happy to assist you.

Below you can search by Dyson Model Number, Dyson Part Number, or Dyson Filter Number

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Filters For Dyson Vacuum Cleaners

DC05 FiltersDyson DC05 Pre Filter
DC07 FiltersDyson DC07 Pre FilterDyson DC07 Post FilterDyson DC07 Lid Filter
DC08 FiltersDyson DC08 Pre Filter
DC14 FiltersDyson DC14 Pre FilterDyson DC14 Pre Filter
DC15 FiltersDyson DC15 Post Filter
Dyson DC15 Post Filter
DC15 FiltersDyson DC17 Pre FilterDyson DC17 Post Filter
DC19 FiltersDyson DC19 Pre Filter
DC20 FiltersDyson DC20 Pre Filter
DC21 FiltersDyson DC21 Pre Filter
DC23 FiltersDyson DC23 Pre Filter
DC24 FiltersDyson DC24 Pre FilterDyson DC24 Post Filter
DC25 FiltersDyson DC25 Pre FilterDyson DC25 Post Filter
DC26 FiltersDyson DC26 Pre FilterDyson DC26 Post Filter
DC27 FiltersDyson DC27 Pre FilterDyson DC27 Post Filter
DC28 FiltersDyson DC28 Pre FilterDyson DC28 Post Filter
DC29 FiltersDyson DC29 Pre Filter
DC30 FiltersDyson DC30 Pre Filter
DC31 FiltersDyson DC31 Pre Filter
DC32 FiltersDyson DC32 Pre Filter
DC33 FiltersDyson DC33 Pre FilterDyson DC33 Post Filter
DC34 FiltersDyson DC34 Pre FilterDyson DC34 Post Filter
DC34 FiltersDyson DC34 Pre Filter
DC35 FiltersDyson DC35 Pre Filter
DC39 FiltersDyson DC39 Pre Filter
DC40 FiltersDyson DC40 Post FilterDyson DC40 Exhaust Filter
DC41 FiltersDyson DC41 Pre FilterDyson DC41 Post Filter
DC44 FiltersDyson DC44 Pre Filter
DC50 FiltersDyson DC50 Pre FilterDyson DC50 Post Filter
DC58 FiltersDyson DC58 Pre Filter
DC59 FiltersDyson DC59 Pre Filter
DC65 FiltersDyson DC65 Pre FilterDyson DC65 Post Filter
DC66 FiltersDyson DC66 Pre FilterDyson DC66 Post Filter
V6 FiltersDyson V6 Pre Filter
V7 FiltersDyson V7 Pre Filter
V8 FiltersDyson V8 Pre Filter
Dyson Original Part Number   
908483-0 FiltersDyson 908483-0 Pre Filter
914790 FiltersDyson 914790 Pre Filter
71479001 FiltersDyson 71479001 Pre Filter
91047102 FiltersDyson 91047102 Post Filter
92267601 FiltersDyson 92267601 Exhaust Filter
904979-02 FiltersDyson 904979-02 Pre Filter
910471-02 FiltersDyson 910471-02 Post Filter
911235-01 FiltersDyson 911235-01 Post Filter
913788-01 FiltersDyson 913788-01 Pre Filter
914790-01 FiltersDyson 914790-01 Pre Filter
915916-03 FiltersDyson 915916-03 Pre Filter
919563-01 FiltersDyson 919563-01 Pre Filter
919780-01 Pre FilterDyson 919780-01 Pre Filter
921616-01 FiltersDyson 921616-01 Post Filter
922676-01 FiltersDyson 922676-01 Exhaust Filter
923413-01 Pre FilterDyson 923413-01 Pre Filter
965661-01 Pre FilterDyson 965661-01 Pre Filter
Replacement Filter Numbers   
F613 Lid Pad FilterDyson F613 Lid Pad Filter
F615 Pre FilterDyson F615 Pre Filter
F616 Post FilterDyson F616 Post Filter
F617 Post FilterDyson F617 Post Filter
F622 Exhaust FilterDyson F622 Exhaust Filter
F626 Pre FilterDyson F626 Pre Filter
F627 Pre FilterDyson F627 Pre Filter
F628 Post FilterDyson F628 Post Filter
F628 Post FilterDyson F628 Post Filter
F631 Pre FilterDyson F631 Pre Filter
F635 Pre FilterDyson F635 Pre Filter
F962 Pre FilterDyson F962 Pre Filter
F969 Pre FilterDyson F969 Pre Filter
F974 Pre FilterDyson F974 Pre Filter
F975 Post FilterDyson F975 Post Filter
F978 Post FilterDyson F978 Post Filter
F979 Pre FilterDyson F979 Pre Filter
F990 Pre FilterDyson F990 Pre Filter
F992 Pre FilterDyson F992 Pre Filter
F994 Post FilterDyson F994 Post Filter
F995 Post FilterDyson F995 Post Filter
F996 Post FilterDyson F996 Post Filter
F997 Pre FilterDyson F997 Pre Filter
F998 Post FilterDyson F998 Post Filter
F999 Pre FilterDyson F999 Pre Filter