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Here you will be able to browse our huge selection of central vacuum carpet attachments for hardwood floors and carpeting; as well as accessories like beltsbumpers, and brush rollers. If you have a majority of carpeting in your home, we strongly recommend going with a central vacuum electric carpet nozzle. These motorized carpet attachments provide a higher RPM speed for the brush roller, allowing a truly deep clean finish. These types of electric powerheads require an electric central vacuum hose. You can browse and review each powerhead and its features by clicking on electric powerheads above.  If you have pets you probably want to know what is the best central vacuum powerhead for pet hair and you will see that the Sebo Pro ET-1 and Pro ET-2 dominate as the best carpet head in the central vacuum industry for not only pet hair but for all-around design and prestige performance.  For homes with low to medium carpeting an air-driven or turbo powerhead is suitable.  These are non-electric carpet attachments and work solely on the suction power of your in-home vacuum system. 

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Have Low-Pile Carpets and or Bare Flooring?

If you have low pile carpeting, area rugs, or bare floors you can shop our central vacuum floor brushes and dust mops. There you will find multiple floor attachments for carpeting and bare floors that allow great airflow and provide maximum maneuverability while cleaning.  Dust mops are great central vacuum attachments for hardwood floors, tile, and marble, leaving a beautiful polished look when you’re done cleaning. It is important to maintain your electric and air-driven carpet nozzles by changing brushes and belts. Replacing your belts keeps the tension of your carpet nozzles brush roller firm and keeps the brush roller working as intended. Over time it is necessary to replace your complete carpet brush roller as well. This is to keep the bristles from wearing down and bearings in proper order for maximizing your unit's cleaning performance.  Don’t forget your Vacubumper furniture guards, these protective bumpers not only protect your carpet nozzles and floor tools from nicks and scratches they protect your furniture and moldings.  These ultra-soft cushioned bumpers are easy to install and provide maximum protection keeping your walls from being damaged and protecting your central vacuum floor attachment.

If you are searching for a particular carpet or floor attachment and can’t seem to find it on our site or you have general questions on any of the products we offer feel free to contact our friendly and knowledgeable staff for assistance at 1.800.322.2965. We offer the Best Powerheads and Central Vacuum Floor Brush. Learn more about Powerhead vs Turbo Head Vacuum and choose the Best Powerhead for your central vac. A powerhead vacuum cleaner can be a perfect option for your home or office! We look forward to serving you.


Central Vacuum Powerhead FAQs

What are Powerheads, and what do they do?

Central vacuum powerheads are tools used to deep-clean carpeted surfaces. These powerheads are usually connected to a central vacuum system, which uses a powerful motor to blow air into the home through a network of hoses and passageways. The central vacuum then uses intake ports located around the house to draw dirt, dust, and debris from carpets and floors. The powerhead can take full advantage of this strong suction using motorized beater bars that rotate brushes or bristles deep into the fibers of the carpeting. It agitates deeply embedded dirt, releasing it up and away from the surface so it can be pulled away with the central vacuum's powerful suction. This makes for an incredibly thorough cleaning compared to traditional upright vacuums, making them ideal for heavy-duty jobs like carpet steamers or upholstery cleaners. Furthermore, different sizes and types of powerheads can accommodate a variety of materials, including hardwood floors, plush carpets, marble flooring, and more! Central vacuum powerheads provide a powerful and efficient way to keep carpets looking fresh and new.

How do you know if you need a new powerhead for your central vacuum system?

A powerhead is a key component of any central vacuum system, so it's important to know when your system might need a new one. One sign that you may need to replace the powerhead is that it no longer provides sufficient suction. If the vacuum is not efficiently removing dirt and debris from carpets and rugs, the powerhead may be clogged or no longer functioning properly. Other signs include strange noises from the powerhead while in use and a decrease in the brushes' rotation speed, which can indicate an issue with the motor. It is also possible for dust and other particles to leak out of the vacuum hose nozzle, making it difficult for you to clean. If these symptoms are present, it may be time to purchase a new powerhead for your central vacuum system.

Benefits of a Powerhead on your Central Vacuum System

The Central Vacuum Powerhead is a unique and innovative cleaning tool that can make vacuuming faster, easier, and more efficient. This device is designed to fit onto the end of the hose of a central vacuum system and can provide ultra-powerful suction for unbeatable dust and debris extraction from carpets and rugs. Its wide brush head can cover more baseboard area with each stroke, making it quicker to complete a vacuuming task. Along with its impressive speed and power capabilities, the Central Vacuum Powerhead also features LED lights for greater visibility when vacuuming dark corners or beneath furniture pieces. Additionally, this device boasts extreme silence during operation due to its motorized brush bar, allowing users to clean without disturbing those around them. Its stepped height-adjustment capability allows users to customize cleaning depths based on the desired effect or surface type. By utilizing these design benefits, consumers who use the Central Vacuum Powerhead will enjoy an unparalleled cleaning experience with maximum efficiency and convenience.

When installing a Powerhead on your Central Vacuum

Installing a powerhead on your central vacuum is an easy way to ensure that all the dirt and debris in your home are completely removed. A powerhead uses rotating brushes, which help pick up stubborn particles that regular suctioning may have missed. The first step when installing a powerhead is to select the right model for your system: make sure it will fit securely into the hose connector, and check to confirm that it has enough suction power for the size of your home. 

Next, you need to identify where you'll be attaching the powerhead. Check with your owner's manual or call a local service professional to determine how to move forward. Once it is situated correctly, carefully plug it in and ensure everything is connected securely so as not to overload circuits or cause any safety issues. Finally, test the powerhead for proper operation before using it with all attachments. With just these simple steps, you’ll soon be enjoying greater cleaning efficiency with your central vacuum and its new powerhead attachment!

Powerheads are the cornerstone of any central vacuum system. Without them, your system is practically useless. But with a new powerhead, you can get all of the benefits that come with having a central vacuum system! So if you're thinking about getting a new powerhead, or if you need one for your current system,  give us a call today at 800-322-2965, and one of our live customer service agents can help you out!