Complete Packages

Complete Packages

Honeywell Central Vacuum All-In-One Packages

Our affordable   complete, all-in-one, central vacuum system packages provide everything you need to get your new   central vacuum systems installed, and up and running in no time! We help take the mystery out of buying a central vacuum system because our complete whole house vacuum packages include everything you need: a   power unit, installation material including elbows, couplings, mounting bracket and hardware, inlets etc, and easy to read installation instructions. PVC glue and low-voltage wire are included with some packages. Regardless of home size, we have the best complete central vacuum package for   designed for you. Choosing the right package is as easy as selecting one that suits your unique needs. If you prefer a customized   solution or would like an expert to walk you through everything. simply call us today at 1.800.322.2965 to speak to a central vacuum expert. All the research has been done for you!

Consumer Alert - If you are considering purchasing or have purchased a Honeywell Power Unit within the past 6 months, and are experiencing problems with the Relay Control Module, please call Honeywell @ 1-800-896-9756

HONEYWELL has stopped making central vacuums forever!!!
As of October, 2018, Honeywell has sold off its U.S.based central vacuum cleaner Division.

The Best central vacuums today are DrainVac & Duovac