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Nutone Central Vac Bags - We took the guesswork out of finding the right parts for your Central Vacuum Bags for NuTone central vacuums. Central Vacuum Bags for NuTone does an excellent job of holding months of vacuumed dirt and other unwanted hair and debris for later disposal in an easy-to-manage container. If you are unsure which bag will work best for your system then, give us a call today at 1.954.341.2760. One of our experts will be happy to help you find the right vacuum bag for your [brandname] central vacuum. 3 Per Pack

We have Live Vacuum Experts Standing by Right Now at 1-800-322-2965

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    NuTone CV 391 HEPA Type Cloth Bags PP5501, PP6501, PP7001, PP500, PP600, PP650
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    NuTone 391 HEPA Type Central Vacuum Cloth Bags For CV352, CV350, CV353, CV400
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About Vacuum Bags For NuTone Central Vacuums

HEPA Filtration or Micro-Allergen

NuTone bags new 2-ply material trap sub-micron particles and maintain higher airflow throughout the vacuum cleaner. This doubles the bag's capacity and maximizes filtration levels throughout your cleaning system meeting international testing standards. Better Pollen & Dustmite Debris retention. Note: Change Bags Every 3 to 4 Months. 

Nutone Central Vacuums Bags by Model


Nutone ModelBag Type
Nutone PP5001 Bags CV 391 HEPA Bags 
Nutone PP6501 Bags CV 391 HEPA Bags 
Nutone PP7001 Bags CV 391 HEPA Bags 
Nutone PP500 Bags CV 391 HEPA Bags 
Nutone PP600 Bags CV 391 HEPA Bags 
Nutone PP650 Bags CV 391 HEPA Bags 
Nutone CV850 Bags CF3918 Allergen Bags 
Nutone CV750 Bags CF3918 Allergen Bags 
Nutone CV450 Bags CF3918 Allergen Bags 
Nutone CV352 Bags 391 HEPA Bags 
Nutone CV400 Bags 391 HEPA Bags 
Nutone CV350 Bags 391 HEPA Bags 
Nutone CV353 Bags 391 HEPA Bags 
Nutone CV653 Bags 391 HEPA Bags 
Nutone VX550 Bags VX3918 HEPA Bags 
Nutone VX1000 Bags VX3918 HEPA Bags 
Nutone VX475 Bags VX475 Allergen Bags 


NuTone Vacuum Bags will prevent you from having to handle the dirt, dust, and debris accumulated over months of vacuuming. When emptying your NuTone canister, vacuum bag units are much cleaner than non-bag central vacuums. NuTone Vacuum Bags are not only more hygienic, but they also help capture tiny particles from reentering the indoor air around you! What does all this mean? Well... a vacuum bag for NuTone canisters creates cleaner air which allows you to breathe easier, a bag eliminates handling dirt, and finally, the central vacuum bag for NuTone is simple to change and dispose of!