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  no longer makes Central Vacuums.

The Best central vacuums today are DrainVac & Duovac


M&S Central Vacuums, Parts, and Accessories


Have an old outdated M & S central vacuum or is your unit losing suction? Check out our Central vacuum recommendations page or Click HereThinkvacuums carries a large variety of compatible parts and accessories for your existing M & S central vacuum system including replacement motors, hoses, attachment kits, and more.


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M&S (Music & Sound) Central Vacuum Systems

For over 50 years M&S Systems has been the leader in the manufacture and design of built-in vacuums. Since the beginning, M&S has spearheaded innovation in their design and functionality of central vacuums allowing them to become one of the best in the industry. Here are some of the reasons why M&S Vacuum Systems are so popular:

Convenience - No hauling heavy, awkward upright or canister vacuums up and down stairs. Simply plug the M&S hose into one of the inlet valves and off you go.

Efficiency - Becuase M&S picks up more dust and dirt, you don't have to vacuum as often.

Versatility - A single M&S unit with easy to exchange accessories cleans all home surfaces, carpets, rugs, upholstery, drapes, floors, and mini blinds, even inside your cars as well. 

Power - M&S power units do the heavy lifting, up to three times more cleaning power than everyday uprights and canister vacuums, because they are built with larger, more rugged motors. 

Longer Carpet and Furniture Life - M&S draws more dirt out of fibers to reduce abrasive wear.

Added Home Value - With M&S low installation cost and high retained value, it adds to your homes resale value.

All in all, Traditional vacuum cleaners allow too much dust to recirculate in your rugs, on your furniture, and throughout your home. As a result, indoor air pollutant levels two to five times – and in some cases 100 times higher – than outdoor levels. But an M&S central vacuum system delivers up to three times more power to lift out dirt, dust mites, and animal dander from rugs, drapes, and furniture upholstery. M&S central vacuums then vent it all outside – safely, quietly, permanently to eliminate this health risk to your family. 

*M&S no longer manufactures central vacuums. We do carry a variety of parts and accessories for your M&S central vacuum systems. See your model number below to view parts available. If you have any questions or don't see the part you need for your M&S central vacuum please call 1-800-322-2965 and one of our vacuum experts will be happy to assist you.


Discontinued M&S Central Vacuums Motor and Filter Finder

AV2500 - Motor # 116472 | Filter # 110358

AV3500 - Motor # 116765 | Filter # 110358

AV4500 - Motor # 117500 | Filter # 110358

AV5500 - Motor # 117500 | Filter # 110358

FX2000 - Motor # 116472 | Bag # VM502

FX3000 - Motor # 116765 | Bag # VM502

FX4000 - Motor # 117500 | Bag # VM502

FX5000 - Motor # 117502 | Bag # VM502

FX5800 - Motor # 116472 | Bag # VM502

FX6000 - Motor # 116765 | Bag # VM502

FX7000 - Motor # 117500 | Bag # VM502

FX8000 - Motor # 117500 | Bag # VM502

ZX5800 - Motor # 116472 

ZX6000 - Motor # 116765

ZX7000 - Motor # 117500

ZX8000 - Motor # 117502