Replacement Parts for Electrolux Central Vacuum

The Electrolux Central Vacuums are a brand of central vacuums manufactured by the Electrolux Company. A central vacuum system differs from your day-to-day portable vacuum system in that it is installed centrally and accessible via wall inlets
So you don't need to drag the vacuum cleaner from room to room. All you need is to connect the suction pipe to a wall inlet. The central install vacuum cleaner then sucks in the dirt from the room to the central vacuum which is installed remotely, perhaps in the basement.
Central vacuums are great for apartments, duplexes, large residential homes, business premises, and residences with multiple floors.

Electrolux central vacuum parts

Electrolux Central VacuumWe have a wide inventory of parts and accessories that make it easier to carry out your vacuuming. These include:

Electrolux Electric Powerheads

Also called the power nozzle. This is one of the most important parts of your vacuum. It is the accessory that you run against the carpet or upholstery.
Electrolux electric power heads have motor-driven brush heads that agitate the surface being cleaned. Once the dirt or debris been shaken, the pump sucks up the dirt.

Electrolux Air-Driven Turbo Powerheads

These powerheads are not motorized and are driven simply by the suction of the air. They are best used where the powerhead will not encounter a lot of debris.

Electrolux Hoses

The hose is what connects the wall inlet to the vacuum accessory. When selecting an Electrolux hose, it is always advisable to go for a good quality brand. This is because the hose will be exposed to a lot of stress being yanked, being twisted, and even being stepped on.

Low voltage hoses

Recall that the central vacuum is installed remotely and typically away from where the vacuuming is being done. We, therefore, need a system of powering on the central vacuum without having to go to say your basement to turn it on manually. 
A low-voltage Electrolux hose, allows you to turn on the power unit from your wall inlet. So once you connect the hose, you can simply switch it on or off from the room where you're vacuuming.
When in doubt about which vacuum hose to get, kindly do get in touch with us.

Electrolux wands

There's a wide variety of wands available for Electrolux central vacuums. The choices depend on your budgetary allocation and your cleaning needs. For example, we have a telescopic metal wand that stretches out to vacuum high, hard to reach places.
Wands also come in plastic or metallic varieties. It is also possible to get manually extensible wands with friction fitting.

Electrolux Bags and Filters

Electrolux central bags can carry mounds of debris in an easy-to-manage container. The bag doesn't have to be emptied after every vacuuming. These vacuum bag systems handle all the dirt for you. 
When emptying the Electrolux canister, the process is much cleaner than for a bagless vacuum. This is because all the debris is held within the bag.

Electrolux SC380B

  • This brand is intended for homes of up to 5,000 square feet.
  • It is powered from a 120 volts powers main and rated at 650 watts.
  • It is equipped with a HEPA-certified filter. This means that it not only captures dirt. But also traps allergy and disease-causing microbes.
  • It has a high-efficiency, low-noise motor making it suitable for use in residential areas.

Electrolux PU3900C

  • This brand is intended for homes of up to 12,000 square feet.
  • It also comes equipped with a HEPA-certified filter
  • For additional power, it has a two-stage motor which is also the sign for low noise operation
  • It comes equipped with a toughened glass window so that the user can verify that dirt is indeed moving. This is useful for troubleshooting.
  • Hybrid units are available that can be used with either a vacuum bag or without a vacuum bag

Electrolux PU3650

  • This unit is designed for homes for up to 8000 square feet
  • It is rated at 600 watts 
  • It has a self-cleaning, HEPA-certified filter.
  • It also comes with a 30-foot vacuum hose.
These lists are by no means exhaustive but just the highlights. To learn more about electronics central vacuum systems, we would love to hear from you.