Residential Vacuum Cleaner Titan T9000 Canister Vacuum

Titan vacuum cleaners Titan Canister Vacuum: Titan T9000 Residential Vacuum Cleaner: Reliability and flexibility allow a smart option for every medium to wide household cleaning job with the Titan T9000 Canister Vacuum-Residential Vacuum Cleaner. These vacuum cleaners are designed to last and have a 1-year guarantee, 12 amp motor, power nozzle, HEPA filtration, 4 stage height change, 14-inch cleaning route, good for tile floors and carpet, 26' chain, brush roll-on/off, 7' hose, onboard equipment, and a fast release handles and canister.

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Cleva North America, Inc. produces Titan canisters with powerful hoses and offers them in niche vacuum cleaner shops.  The Steel City Vacuum Corporation has developed these vacuums as "Titan", their market name, as a big national dealer.

In this powerhouse team, the Titan T9000 blends elegance with versatility and longevity. A finger-tip on/off switch and electronic suction control on the hose handle, fast disconnection hose and wands, incorporated dusting brush, strengthened banded v-belt and HEPA exhaust filter are included in the Classic features. In their price category, Titan force teams have extraordinary value.

Powerful 12 Amp. System

Best Titan vacuum cleaners The key suction canister and its electric control nozzle function together to build a strong 12 Amp power team which creates strong suction and outstanding agitation for any form of carpeted floor deep cleaning. It will run peacefully for several years, featuring lifetime lubricated ball bearings and well-balanced engine components in both the suction motor and control nozzle motor.

Finger-tip Power Controls Deluxe Hose

You have full power control directly at your fingertips with the Titan T9000. The slide switch gives users the ability to turn the vacuum and the power knob on and off quickly and regulate the suction of the machine. By easily slipping the control switch back a notch, you could also use the power nozzle to clean places of bare floors, avoid the power nozzle engine and spinning brush roll. For the cleaning of the bare floors around area rugs, this is extremely handy. The width of the hose is often huge, enhancing the air movement of the power team by reducing the inner hose pressure.

 There are large dusting brushes with Titan canister vacuums that integrate with their elegant hoses. This unique design helps you, even while using the wand and power brush, to keep the dusting brush readily available. Only detach the wand and start dusting in order to turn to dust your window sills, furniture, etc. If needed, it is necessary to detach the dusting brush from the hose handle.

Deluxe Power Nozzle with Dual Edge Brushing

This Control Nozzle from Titan is one of the highest quality ones. For deep cleaning of the carpets, it has a strengthened, banded V-belt for effective power transfer from the engine and a brush strip with two rows of brushes for vigorous stirring. The belt is placed on the power nozzle indented from the edge of the brush roll, making edge brushing on both sides. It will not expand or fall like the flat rubber bands found on certain power nozzles when strengthened and kept close by a steel friction spring. When a big object approaches the cleaning nozzle unintentionally and delays or prevents the brush roll and motor abruptly, the overload blocker responds immediately to turn it off, securing the motor of the belt and brush.

Electric Pet Pickup Tool

The Titan Pet Pickup Method has a motor-driven rotating brush roll with two rows of bristles, built to have excellent cleaning efficiency on carpeted stairs and upholstery. It's like having a nozzle with miniature strength, becoming more powerful than nozzles with hand-held turbines. In a covered storage region on the top of the vacuum below the other accessories, this unique nozzle transports easily.

Convenient Covered Attachment Storage

Titan t9200 vacuum for saleThe Titan T9000 model holds its Floor Brush, drapes and motor-driven Pet Picking Tool securely tucked away on the main system in two covered storage areas of the tool where they are still readily available. This configuration eliminates the likelihood of these attachments getting bumped, knocking them unintentionally from the vacuum cleaner.

Additional Deluxe Characteristics

Titan provides a range of additional deluxe qualities to fill out this deluxe strength team. The HEPA bag and fan-fold HEPA Exhaust Filter with strong filtration material eliminate the recirculation of dust and allergens back into your house.  The 24' power cord instantly rewinds back into the cleaner with a gentle touch of the big rewind pedal when done with your cleaning duties.

Product Availability

The deluxe power teams of the Titan T9000 are sold by specialist vacuum cleaner stores at Think Vacuum. Contact Think vacuum for an affordable Titan Vacuum Cleaners T9000. Call us today on 1.800.322.2965 to get a fast answer. 

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