Three Accessories Your Vacuum Cleaner Needs

A vacuum cleaner is a vacuum cleaner, right? Wrong! In fact, the type of vacuum cleaner you buy can have a drastic effect on how you clean the floors in your home and business. The accessories you use it can also make all the difference. Here's the three vacuum cleaner accessories that everyone should be using to get the most out of their machine, every day.

1. Dust Mop Or Brush

Central Vacuum Dust Mop These attachments often come with your vacuum cleaner, but they often get stashed away in closets and forgotten about. It's usually a small, round brush with soft bristles, so if you have it go and dig it out now. They're usually included with a vacuum cleaner's powerheads and brushes, as they're such a useful tool.

As the name implies, this head is designed to help you pick up dust from surfaces including bookcases, lampshades, windowsills, and so on. If you your vacuum has variable suction, you can even use it to dust around knick-knacks. Once you start using this tool, you'll be amazed that you ever managed without it. It'll certainly cut your dusting time in half.

2. Turbo Brush

Central Vacuum Turbo BrushWhen it comes to vacuum powerheads and brushes, the turbo brush is something that can really give you the cleaning power you need. If you especially thick, luxurious carpets, then this is the tool for you.

The turbo brush works to clean thicker carpets, thanks to the separate motor in the head. This helps to get the dirt out of even the thickest carpets. If you're not using yours, then you're putting yourself at a real disadvantage.



Central Vacuum Bare Floor Brush

3. Bare Floor Brush

Are you still sweeping your hardwood or parquet floors? Then you need a bare floor brush. This makes clean up in any non-carpeted areas much easier and keeps those floors cleaner than you ever thought you could get them.

These brushes use stiff bristles, sometimes horsehair but more often man-made, to pick up dirt from non-carpeted floors. This makes clean up a breeze, and the stiff hairs mean that every bit of dirt is picked up and taken in by the vacuum cleaner.

Tips For Using Vacuum Accessories

These are the best three tools that every household vacuum should have their vacuum cleaner. Here are some tips from the experts to help you get the most out of them in your every day cleaning routine.

* Pick up items with the crevice tool: Everyone has had that moment where they've dropped something on the floor and they can't find it. It's much easier to get hold of it if you put your vacuum cleaner to good use. Attach some nylon pantyhose over the crevice tool with an elastic band or hair tie, and then vacuum around the area. You'll be able to pick the item up without it actually being sucked up by the vacuum cleaner. This is a great tool for finding dropped earrings and other small items.

Clean your pet: Yes, really. Many vacuum cleaners come with a pet grooming tool that you can put to good use. If your pet isn't scared of the vacuum cleaner, then use it to catch loose hair before it has the chance to come away and start coating your floors.

Vacuum your mattress: You love your bed, but that mattress can be hiding all kinds of sins from you. You spend hours on it every night, so you need to be cleaning it. The best way to do is to use your vacuum cleaner to clean out any dust or allergens that may be hiding out in the mattress. Make it part of the cleaning process when you clean your sheets, and you'll see a real difference in your health.

Get into the nooks and crannies: If you have an extension wand, put it to good use. Clean out the dust and cobwebs in the corners of the room, or in areas you can't quite reach. they can make your space cleaner than you imagined.

With these three cleaning attachments, you can tackle almost any vacuuming job in your house. Make sure you have them available, and you'll always be able to clean up any dust or dirt that appears.