DuoVac Signature 170i

DuoVac Signature 170i

DuoVac Signature 170i Central Vacuum, Parts, & Accessories

List of Parts and Accessories for Your DuoVac Signature 170i Central Vacuum System

When it comes to central vacuum systems, the DuoVac Signature 170i is more than just an appliance; it is an extraordinary powerhouse of cleanliness designed to accommodate sprawling homes with ease, ensuring every inch of space up to 12,000 square feet is impeccably maintained. With an Unconquerable 702 airwatts of power and substantial 142 CFM, you're not just cleaning, you're experiencing a revolution in domestic maintenance.

Engineered with precision, the DuoVac 170i is powered by the formidable Ametek-Lamb Advantek II – Plus flow-thru motor, which is the heartbeat of this high-end machine. Prepare for a remarkable 760 air watts of suction power and 135 inches of water lift which, when combined with 114.50 CFM, guarantees to not leave a speck behind. This system not merely sucks up the visible particles; with its comprehensive filtration capabilities, it traps 97.5% of microscopic particles as small as 0.1 microns. For those who seek nothing but the best and have a keen eye for detail and efficiency, the DuoVac Signature 170i is undoubtedly the central vacuum system you deserve. Click Here to view more Duovac Central Vacuum Models.

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Achieve Unparalleled Cleanliness with The DuoVac Signature 170i Central Vacuum

Duovac Consumer Choice Award

Have you ever dreamed of a vacuum system that not only does the job but does it so discreetly and powerfully, that almost seems like magic? Well, hold onto your hats, my friends, because the DuoVac Signature 170i Central Vacuum System has arrived, and it's time to take cleaning to a whole new level.

Imagine being able to clean a mansion or heck, your cozy family home, with a vacuum system designed for about 12,000 square feet. With the DuoVac Signature 170i, we're talking a whopping 702 air watts of suction power. It's like a tornado wrapped up in a sleek machine, sucking up everything in its path—okay, maybe not the cat, but every little crumb for sure!

Now, how can you make this system work for you? Do you love the idea of just tossing away a bag full of dust and forgetting about it? Or do the eco-friendly, shake-it-out-and-reuse-it vibes speak to your soul? With the DuoVac Signature 170i, you don't have to choose! It's a hybrid, folks – like your favorite superhero, it transforms as needed.

A central vacuum system might sound like a luxury, with stunning looks included. The brushed aluminum canister isn’t just a pretty face – it’s a trusty sidekick with an 8-gallon capacity. No more emptying the canister every cleaning session. And let's talk about size—it's like the little black dress of vacuum systems, a perfect fit for any space, be it your utility closet or your spacious garage.

The techie in you will leap for joy with the technology package options available. Choose from two-way wireless technology, basic wireless technology, or low-voltage technology. Just think about it; you could be kicking back, sipping on lemonade, while you switch the vacuum on with the touch of a button. And the canister – it’s so spacious and chic, we’re talking a large-capacity, brushed aluminum canister decked out with ergonomic handles. No awkward dragging or lifting. Moving this beauty around is like a dance – smooth, effortless, and kind of fun.

Final Verdict: Clean or Cleanest?

Haven’t we all had that moment when we’re dreading clean-up, imagining the dusty aftermath and the sneezing fits? With the DuoVac Signature 170i, that's history. Its high-performance filtration system says goodbye to dust and allergens like they’re going out of fashion.

So, is the DuoVac Signature 170i the hero your home deserves AND the one it needs right now? Absolutely. If you're all for top-notch cleanliness with a system that blends into your home like it was made for it, this might just be your ticket to dust-free bliss.

Put your cleaning woes at the door and let this central vacuum system do what it does best – making your home spotless without breaking a sweat. Are you ready to step up your cleaning game? Because with DuoVac Signature 170i, it's not just clean, it's pristine.

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