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Vacumaid S3600

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The Vacumaid S3600 stands at the peak of central vac technology, delivering an unparalleled 1268 Airwatts of power, 229 CFM airflow, and an impressive 137" Waterlift. Crafted to serve expansive spaces up to 18,000 square feet, this dual-motor system is the epitome of robust reliability and enduring performance. Designed with an innovative split canister, the S3600 is engineered for flexibility and ease. By detaching the power unit from the dirt canister, you're afforded the luxury of situating them in separate locations—maximizing convenience and minimizing noise and clutter where you need it least.

Equipped with state-of-the-art cyclonic filtration, the Vacumaid S3600 processes a dynamic separation process that whisks away debris without the reliance on traditional filters, virtually eliminating clogs and suction loss over time. What's left is a consistent, powerful clean on every use. The capacious 9-Gallon Dirt Canister is a marvel, designed to accommodate the needs of large households, bustling businesses, and grand estates—with space to spare. No more frequent emptying; instead, enjoy extensive cleaning cycles that ensure your focus remains on what matters. Seize the power of the S3600 today. Invest in a vacuum system that's as ambitious and diligent as you are.  Click Here to view more Vacumaid Central Vacuum Models.

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Vacumaid S3600 Central Vacuum System: The Powerhouse of Clean

Ever imagined your cleaning routine transforming from a chore to an absolute breeze? Think no longer, because the Vacumaid S3600 Cyclonic Split Central Vacuum System is here to transform the way you tidy up your living space. With its jaw-dropping power, this dynamic duo of a vacuum system brings you not one, but two Ametek Lamb 7.2" Tangential bypass motors. And what does that mean for your estate or bustling workspace? A staggering 1268 Airwatts, 137" Waterlift, and 229 CFM ensure every speck of dust and pet hair doesn't stand a chance—be it across rooms or sprawling over 18,000 Sq Ft.

Here's Why You'll Love It:

Two is Better Than One: Ever heard the saying, "Two heads are better than one?" It's true for vacuum motors too! With the dual-motor setup, this system doesn't just clean; it annihilates dirt and pet hair with extreme prejudice – all with a low hum instead of a roar, thanks to its hushed 78 decibels.

The Split that Cleans Up: It's a split canister design – we're talking about separating the muscle from the mess. You can stash that dirt canister out of sight while the powerful unit does its thing. Out of sight, out of mind, until it's time to empty that generous 9-gallon dirt triumph trophy.

Power-Packed Stats: Ready for these jaw-dropping numbers? Boom: 1268 Airwatts. Bam: 229 CFM. Kapow: 137" Waterlift. And oh yeah, it runs on 240 Volts of pure cleaning vigour.

Wave Goodbye to Bags: Bagless is the way forward, friends. With a patented air channel, this wonder lets you use plastic liners for a neat and hygienic clean-up. Because who wants to create another mess while getting rid of one?

US-Made Durability: Crafted with love in the USA, the Vacumaid S3600 is all about that long-lasting metal construction and beautiful powder coating that laughs in the face of rust. The S3600 isn't just tough; it’s also smart.

Cyclonic filtration system: This means you can throw away the need for cumbersome bags. And get this: the patented air channel lets you line the canister with plastic for a touch-free, cleaner dirt disposal.

10-Year Limited Lifetime Warranty: That's a decade's worth of peace of mind.

Elevate your Standards

Whether you're dancing around in your living room, managing a luxury estate, or running a retail space, the S3600 is ready to tackle it all. Gone are the days of the dreaded cleanup after a fun family get-together or a successful sale season at your store. Say goodbye to lugging around a bulky unit, battling with cords, or cursing at the pet fur that seems to multiply by the minute.

It's time to embrace cleaning with the Vacumaid S3600 Cyclonic Split Central Vacuum System—your trusty sidekick in maintaining an immaculate, inviting space. With a machine this reliable, you can focus on what really matters: creating memories in a happy, healthy home or thriving in a clean, energetic workspace.

If you're tired of subpar vacuums that lack the power for your space and seek a powerful, sleek, and modern machine suitable for both a mansion and a cozy home, then the Vacumaid S3600 is the perfect choice for you! This exceptional vacuum will impress you with its performance and versatility.

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