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Experience the peak of cleaning efficiency with the Vacumaid S1660 Cyclonic Central Vac System. Engineered for homeowners, retail space owners, and discerning business proprietors, this powerhouse delivers incomparable suction with 651 air watts, 149 CFM airflow, and a remarkable 128" waterlift capability.

Designed to accommodate spaces up to 9,500 sq ft, the Vacumaid S1660 rises above standard cleaning equipment. It's the quintessence of cyclonic filtration technology, ensuring peak performance without succumbing to suction loss or filter clogging. At the core of the S1660 lies an ultra-long-life motor that serves as the beating heart of the system. This potent motor doesn't just endure — it excels, granting your living or working space with relentless and superior cleaning power.

Don't compromise on cleaning excellence. Choose the Vacumaid S1660 and invest in a central vacuum system that transcends ordinary capabilities. Click Here to view more Vacumaid Central Vacuum Models

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Discover the Power of Pristine Cleanliness with VacuMaid S1660

Ever dreamt of a vacuum system that not only cleans but is also designed to care for your home's air quality? Meet the VacuMaid S1660 Cyclonic Central Vacuum System — your home's new best friend. Not just any vacuum, it's a true ally in the fight against allergens and dirt. Got a big house or a vast retail space that seems impossible to keep spick and span? The S1660 is engineered to handle spaces up to an astounding 9,500 square feet. That’s like cleaning a whole mansion or a business space with ease.

Imagine expelling dust and irritants out of your living space as if they were nothing. That’s what venting does for you here. Homes turn into havens with improved air quality that can help ease allergy and asthma symptoms. It’s like giving your house a breath of fresh air. So, step into the future with our cyclonic filtration technology, offering 100% sustained cleaning power. The innovative system separates fine particles from the air before they reach the filter, ensuring maximum efficiency and prolonged motor life.

This system is proudly manufactured in the USA, showcasing the finest American engineering and quality. Indulge in a product developed with homegrown precision and dedication. The S1660 isn’t just another appliance; it’s a durable piece of technological art. Made of rolled galvannealed steel and coated with a corrosion-resistant powder, this sleek machine is as tough as it is elegant.

The S1660’s motor is the Superman of suction. A whopping 651 Air Watts powered by a 6.6" Ametek Lamb Motor ensures your cleaning is consistently powerful. Noise is never nice. With a 60-decibel rating, it's like having a library level of quiet. The 6.75-gallon dirt capacity means that you can clean to your heart's content without constantly emptying the dirt receptacle. And thanks to the self-cleaning, permanent HEPA-style filter, maintenance is a breeze.

The Cyclonic filtration gives you 100% sustained cleaning power with each use and the two-stage motor means double the efficiency and double the 'oomph'. Did we mention a 10-Year Warranty? Yeah, we've got you covered for a whole decade!

Are You Ready to Restructure Your Cleaning Routine?

Imagine coming home to a space that’s as clean above the ground as it is on it. One where you feel the freshness with every breath. That’s not just clean. That’s Vacumaid clean. Don't settle for just any vacuum system when you can have VacuMaid S1660 – your ultimate ally in achieving pristine cleanliness and fresh air. So why wait? Upgrade now

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