Long Upkeep for Beam Central Vacuum

Beam central vacuum motor

Just like a regular moveable vacuum, the simple maintenance of a Beam Central Vacuum System is changing the bag, or, in most situations, clearing the dirt repository on the major component. To do this, twist or unlock the base of the machine. Often it can be tough because of the fine dirtt. Thanks to Think Vacuum for offering Beam Vacuum parts at an affordable price. 

When the bump is off, dump the debris in a plastic bag, and then keep the bucket close to avoid dust at the bottom of the device in which the bucket was placed. Take the weighted tissue filter from the middle and shake it vigorously with the plastic bag.

To remove the weighted filter from the top, grab it on one side and directly pull it in. The rim is rigid and the filter falls off. The filter should not be washed as the waste sticks between the two layers.

Motor Replacement

When it comes to replacing the motor on the Central Vacuum Beam, you have many choices. Contact a nearby dealer for support. Beam vacuum engines have some fixtures and wires that need to be unmounted, then installed again on the new engine.  Adjusting your engine should take less than an hour.

Beam central vacuum accessories

To find the correct motor replacement for your beam model, use the Beam Motor Replacement Parts List. When your new engine comes in, take pictures of your original engine to recall how it was fitted and wired.

Turn off the intersection or disconnect the central vacuum system.

Enter the engine with the external housing (usually a few screws around the perimeter). Remove the engine from the parts, and unclip the motor wires.

Please note that the engine can have several numbers but usually it begins with '11' with 4 additional numbers and maybe a dash with two additional numbers (e.g. 115334-00). Years earlier, the entire part number had not been placed on the engine.

How a Vacuum Motor Functions?

In their main collection unit, all Beam units have permanently sealed motors. No lubrication or oiling is required. Routine maintenance should involve testing the engine brushes which should be about every five years for typical residential use. Make sure that the center motor shaft is sturdy and does not wobble or play while testing motor brushes. If so, the coils go out and the engine must be replaced. Replace the engine brushes if the motor brushes are worn at 3/16 inches long.

If the device does not have a filtration in paper or cloth bag, then the internal fan blades of the engine contain a certain amount of debris. This is not simple to eliminate and there is a great risk of offsetting fans' equilibrium in every effort to remove it. An unbalanced fan causes the engine bearings to fail prematurely.

Beam central vacuum manual

Motor Brushes

The Beam engine has two carbon pins in each engine which wears out, but can be replaced before damaging the engine. In conventional residential applications, the Beam Central Vacuum motor brushes should be tested every five years and replaced if a 3/4"brush" is worn out. Motor brushes transfer power in the engine when the center shaft is touched. Type in the search box the motor replacing brush for your Central Vacuum Beam and the motor brush will appear in the search results; the motor brush page contains instructions.

Know that for other reasons, the engine might go bad, like bad bearings or dust accumulation in the engine (both are not repairable). If under your original engine number, the engine brush does not come up, replace the engine instead of the motor brush.

The inside of the piping system should be washed at least once a year. Free Flow Central Vacuum Maintenance Panels is the most efficient process.

Vacuum Head and Hose Maintenance For Beam

Take care of your appliances if you need more years of vacuuming.  The vacuum shaft is a costly part of the device, but it is stored on a hose hanger for longer periods. Never place it on the vacuum walls, since it produces a stress fracture in the tube, in which it bends down from the walls. Four or five loops on the floor until it is picked to hang are the safest way to hang the tube. Are you wondering if there are Beam Central Vacuum parts near you? Just contact our customer care and we will help you. We ensure that we listen to you and help the best we can.

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